The Problem With Foreigners!

No, I am not talking about the poor and the unschooled imported or allowed to cross borders illegally to destroy local markets and destroy cultural cohesion. The problem there is easy to pinpoint.

The destruction as a result of such mingling has nothing to do with race or culture as such. In fact in reality the imported poor and the local poor have much more in common than each of these groups cares to admit. Whether you are a destitute Mexican “wetback” on the run from a country overrun by drug cartels financed and armed by big international banks and the US government or a poor “white trash” family living in the Appalachian mountains destroyed by mining financed by big international banks and destroyed by mining companies protected by the state, the enemy is the same. They are the big international banks and the US government and if these groups had any sense they would try to find that common ground and fight the bastards together before they went back to fighting each other.

The same goes for New Zealand. It is not the Pacific Islanders, Filipinos or Cambodians who make your life as a poor Maori or Pakeha a misery.

So who is?

A while ago I wrote about a small group of what I termed foreign Kiwi’s in powerful leadership roles and the content of that post is as valid today as it was then.

In fact today I want to go as far as stating that I didn’t take the problem of this type of foreigners in almost all Anglo-Saxon Countries serious enough.

Here are some examples of foreigners who have more control over our local lives that I think they should. Not because of race or other emotive factors but because they don’t have loyalty to the local people but only to their international mates and peers and their policies show this.

Here are some prominent examples of “transnationals” who do not identify with the local populations but rather with their peers in high places making decisions affecting millions of people on local levels negatively.

  • Boris Johnson = the mayor of London holds dual citizenship. He is also an American and many of his policies favour international i.e. Wall street bankers, Chinese elite finance and building companies entities and Arabian “royalty” making London not a place for the local population living and trading but an predatory investment and speculative paradise.
  • Tony Abbott = English born and refusing to show the form in which he officially denounces his English passport and citizenship. In Australia it is unlawful for a person with foreign or dual citizenship to take high office. His policies favour transnational corporations, draconian laws restricting people to protest or write about his policies leaving people identifying as Australians and their families having lived there many generations, as tenants on their own land and the country firmly embedded in the US military empire and the Anglo Saxon five eyes system.
  • Mark Carney = The first foreign Governor of the Bank of England ever. That is if you don’t count the fact that from it’s inception in 1694 until it’s Nationalisation in 1946 it has always been a private bank owned by private interests many of home where international bankers including the infamous banking family of the Rothschild. Born a Canadian and according to Max Keiser suffering from ice hockey induced brain damage serves the international banking interests without fail instead of that of the English people.
  • Barack Obama = This is one of the more controversial of the foreigners in powerful places. If you as much as dare to mention that he was not born in the US you are often being called a racist. The fact is that it is illegal to take high office if you are not a born US citizen and if the person himself actually confesses on video that he is born in a country outside of the US he is in violation of the US laws. This has nothing to do with colour, Tony Abbott is Caucasian but might still be in violation of Australian law after all, and everything to do with the law of the country in which these men are residing.
    Here is Barack Obama aka as Barry Sotoero speaking about his origins and he clearly states that indeed he was born in Kenia:

    Like Boris Johnson, Tony Abbbott and Mark Carney his policies without fail favour the powerful transnational banking, military and oil/resources elite which last I looked was predominantly white, middle aged and male.

  • John Key = While born in New Zealand to an English father and Austrian mother who identified as Jewish, John Key’s career was very much on the transnational stage of international investment banking. His specialities where foreign exchange, Bonds and derivatives and he was known as the closer in big international deals with huge pension and national saving funds. He was the go to guy if customers where hesitant and we are only just beginning to find out what disasters are hiding behind the “new” financial products John Key infested the funds with when he sold them fraudulent debt products now threatening our entire global financial system.

    His policies without fail favour the transnational banking and financial elite including the English Queen and the Chinese President who after all heads the communist elite of China and their bank which is one of the biggest if not the biggest printing money out of thin air entities in the world.

This is not an exhaustive list but serves as an example of how the rich and powerful try to keep control of what used to be called the colonies in another time in history. We are for all intends and purposes still very much a part of the English empire whose head of state, the Queen of England from the house of Windsor, is herself a foreign family ruling over England. The name of the family was changed to the house of Windsor only as far back as 1917 by “Royal” degree from the (German) house of Saxon Gotha:

The House of Windsor is the royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. It was founded by King George V by royal proclamation on 17 July 1917, when he changed the name of the British Royal Family from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (a branch of the House of Wettin) to the English Windsor, due to the anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during World War I.[1] The most prominent member of the House of Windsor is its head, Queen Elizabeth II, who is the reigning monarch of 16 Commonwealth realms. Wikipedia


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