Censure At Work: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Of This Website!

A little triangle before my url caught my attention.

censureatwork3When I opened it this is what appeared. This may mean that when people use web verification software my website might not show up. What will show is a alert triangle with a this website is suspect be afraid be very afraid alert.


My website, as the details show,censureatwork   is suspect because I don’t give ownership details. I have had this website for more than 8 years and this only appeared just recently. I can only surmise that this is one of the many ways in which the NSA and the GCSB are trying to minimise the free flow of information they deem to be “dangerous”.

What you also see is that the body who saw fit to tag my blog this way is also unidentifiable. It seems that they find no problem with that. So while my need for online anonymity is cause for concern we are expected to  have anonymous organisations keep track of us without any transparency on their part.

By the way, unlike the many, many mainstream media who track us with cookies you can find information you won’t get from them on my side without the need to protect yourself from any cookies from my blog (Can’t guarantee the  behaviour of the mother site wordpress.com where my blog resides)

2 thoughts on “Censure At Work: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Of This Website!

  1. I am not unsympathetic, and fear the kind of intrusion you have noticed, knowing that I would probably not… But the word ‘censure’ means blame. Could you change it to ‘censor’?

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