Did John Key Just Lose A Meeting With An Important Leader Because Of his Rapist Joke?

It seems that John Key lost an important meeting with President Michelle Bachelet from Chile in the  aftermath of his Rapist/Murderer joke. I’m sure he didn’t intended to because as a good old NZ bloke making jokes about rape/paedophilia and murder are perfectly acceptable.

It is as acceptable as dismissing rape cases against confessed rapists such as in the Roast buster case because the kids that did it did so because they were the kids of actors and policemen young and silly. It is as acceptable as sending rapists home to their home country after they have been identified as suspects in the rape of New Zealand women. It is as acceptable as smearing women in the press after they dare to come out against the policemen who raped them .

Silly of one of the most powerful women in South America and the leader of a country a lot of NZ farmers would dearly love to have more business from to take offence but I’m sure it is as John Key’s propaganda machine, our MSM, says: They ran into each other in the hallway and conducted their business right there and then. A bit like having sex the Kiwi male way really.


The Prime Minister’s meeting with the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has been cancelled.

John Key’s office says the meeting was cancelled because he ran into the Chilean leader over lunch at the APEC leaders’ retreat about an hour out of the Chinese capital.

Mr Key would have been embarrassed about the furore that followed the off-hand comment he made about convicted murderer and paedophile Phillip Smith, who fled the country for Chile last week.

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3 thoughts on “Did John Key Just Lose A Meeting With An Important Leader Because Of his Rapist Joke?

  1. I couldn’t help notice you avoided the content Pip, and essentially attacked Travellerev.

    Into some of this mindless dribble from the PM are you?

    There are serious issues in this country, and yet the only thing we seem to get is the most stupid comments on it from the unknown guest. It’s pathetic, and I for one don’t enjoy us being dragged through the mud on the world stage.

    Some may of course, by many more others don’t enjoy the petty thuggery that purports to be the “policies” of this “government”

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