Today is anti TPPA Rally Day But That Is Only Just The Beginning!

Let’s not kid ourself. We are not going to beat huge transnational corporations with one rally. Not even a global one. But they are running scared and they are already trying to weasel parts of the TPPA through with other secret trade agreements. John Key’s visit to Obama was not about the TPPA or ISIS so much as it was about the TISA or Trade in Services Agreement.

According to professor Kelsey this is:

Part of a troika: along with the TPP and the deal the US is negotiating with the European Union, it aims to create a new set of global rules that are designed exclusively to serve commercial interests.

This is no exaggeration. Last week US corporates held a launch for what they call Team Tisa. The co-chairs are Citigroup, Liberty Mutual, IBM, MetLife, UPS and Walmart. Leading members of Congress and the US Trade Representative were invited to speak.

We are in for a long fight and these people don’t stop so come out today in the anti TPPA rally nearest to you and start your journey with us. Our goal? To educate as many people as we can to make sure they can’t pull the wool over our heads and they know that they will meet with resistance if they proceed!

See you in Raglan and Hamilton where I will be and speak!


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