Are Bomber Bradbury And The Daily Blog Left Wing Gatekeepers?

Yesterday I wrote about the new moderator Scarlet Mod at the Daily Blog from Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury. The post from the new moderator stuck with me and got me thinking. To begin with I don’t know Bomber personally but over the years I have noticed that Bomber has a way of moderating his blogs (Tumeke before the Daily Blog) rather rigidly.

And while you might think that subjects such as 9/11 and the role of Israel in the current global affairs are off limits and every bit of research and speculation about both is an affront to reason, his rigidity is far more wide spread and even affects fairly moderate journalists and bloggers such as Giovanni Tiso from Bat Bean Beam Blog as a tweet about Bombers censorious behaviour with regards to him confirmed. (If more people have encountered this I would like to hear from you).

When Bomber started his Daily Blog it was met with huge enthusiasm and hope that there would be finally some opposition to the two right wing blogs Whaleoil and Kiwiblog. Up till then the only blog standing tall against them was the Standard blog and there was so it was felt a huge need for more of a focus point for “left wing” writers. Within a very short time a huge list of high and not so high profile writers were added to the list and while not many of them contribute on a regular bases it gave huge credence to Bomber Bradbury as a leading figure on the left.

The blog has at some stage seen an attempt to imitate the hugely successful open mike daily from the Standard blog but because every comment had to go through the same rigid moderation as the comments on the posts from other writers the open and sometimes brutal discussions that makes the open mike feature so successful at the Standard, was stifled to a degree which saw the end of the experiment within a week.

What is so interesting is that the new mod used the exact same intimidating words used by David Cameron to pinpoint everybody willing to ask questions about 9/11 and Israel’s role in the current global developements. 9/11 was the iconic event which heralded the beginning of an era in which more and more laws are called for to control public discourse especially about 9/11 but even more important it heralded the beginning of the war on terror!

The wars, which saw the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria and in the future Iran, are all connected to the terror we experienced on 9/11 and are very much used by Israel to justify brutal attacks on Palestinians, Lebanon and their involvement in the continued and illegal wars especially in the countries surrounding them.

Netanyahu is constantly pushing for more violence and he has been very vocal in his desire to attack, or rather have the US/NATO attack Iran, on Israel’s behalf.

All of this in light of the Martyn Bradbury’s Daily Blog’s apparent gate keeper behaviour in a time where we need the online community to be as brave as the Standard in allowing open public debate about all these issues in their open mike, is a very worrying issue. In behaving in this manner he isolates the Standard which in e time such as these, when journalists face more and more harassment and where the Standard moderators even feel pressured to deny Conspiracy in their blurb announcing the daily open mike post this is damaging and he should be called on this by the writers he displays as being part of his blogs.

In the mean time here is a video from Professor John McMurtry on 9/11 Truth, left gatekeepers  such as Noam Chomsky. (Thank you H. for bringing it to my attention)





5 thoughts on “Are Bomber Bradbury And The Daily Blog Left Wing Gatekeepers?

  1. I never was able to post any non-PC stuff against global warming there. I know that the debate can get tedious at times, but to me the fact that the arctic ice cover is decreasing while the antarctic cover is increasing is a huge red flag that points to causes other the greenhouse effect. Chemtrails as geo-engineering, anyone?

  2. If you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist that seriously believes modern Aotearoa is a hell on Earth for all but a tiny elite then you will have no problems with the Daily Blog moderator.
    But outside that handful of regular ranters, if you try to post an alternative vision, you will quickly get the impression that, like any environment controlled by extreme Socialist ideology, suppression of dissent is standard procedure.
    My feeling is TDB does the left more harm than good. If I wanted to convince anyone how out of touch the far left is with reality, it’s the first place I’d send them.

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