Stasi New Zealand. Meet The Committee Of Free Thinkers!

In the Eastblock the government agencies responsible for spying on, torturing, prisoning and killing people who had the audacity to criticise the ruling elite all had exhalted names too.

In East Germany the common folk knew them as the Stasi Or Staat Sicherheits polizei (State security Police) and they were run by secretive groups of unelected men.

John Key calls his secretive group of men the committee of “free thinkers” and you can rest assured that they will not be constrained by little irksome limitations such as due process or that other quaint idea “Democracy”. So here is without further ado our own home grown Stasi.

The committee

Ian Fletcher – head of the Government Communications Security Bureau
Sir Peter Gluckman – PM’s chief science adviser
Therese Walsh – chief executive of the 2015 Cricket World Cup
Karen Poutasi – chief executive of NZQA
Keith Turner – chairman of Fisher and Paykel
Richard Forgan – consulting partner at PWC
Hugh Cowan – Earthquake Commission executive
Lt Gen Rhys Jones – former Chief of Defence Force
Helen Anderson – director of Dairy NZ, Niwa and Branz
Murray Sherwin – chairman of the Productivity Commission.

Welcome to East Germany the New New Zealand where small groups of unelected people will decide what you are allowed to do, say or even think from now on!

3 thoughts on “Stasi New Zealand. Meet The Committee Of Free Thinkers!

  1. Can you please provide more detail? Is it meant to be common knowledge that Key has put this group together? What does he say it is for?

  2. Interesting that one of the members of this group is a director of NIWA. Perhaps that’s why NIWA purchased a Cray super computer not so long ago. Maybe we all should be afraid.

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