Number 16 In The Blogsphere At Open Parachute

Every blogger likes to know how many people read their blog. I am no exception. Some bloggers (I won’t name names but the main writer is incredibly fat and talks with John Key when he is not the Prime Minister) go so far as inflating their number of clicks and hits artificially in order to appear bigger than they are!

My blog has been happily sitting  between number 30-to 40 for the longest time in the NZ blogosphere as recorded by Open parachute blog. I am happy with that place. There are now about 300+ blogs in New Zealand and my subject matter is not to everybody’s taste.

I thought to check if he had September 2014 on his list today and he did. I was hoping for a couple of place up because I had a nice increase in visitors around the time of the election.

But what I saw there was beyond my wildest expectations. I found my blog on the sixteenth place on the list. WOW, BIG WOW!!! I even left Open Parachute itself and Imperator Fish behind me. Not bad for a Dutch import talking about geopolitics, international finance, 9/11 and other false flags and a whole slew of other difficult and scary subjects. I know that next months I’ll probably will sink back to a more humble placing but for now to all my readers: Thank you so much for being there and visiting my blog!!!

Love and peace


Number 16

11 thoughts on “Number 16 In The Blogsphere At Open Parachute

  1. Well done. I think with the way things are going to go in NZ, you’ll have plenty to blog about and a steady stream of readers. The MSM will now try to freeze out any political discourse – unless it’s bagging any party but national!
    Blog sites as well as the ones above (I’ve actually been sending money to PCR), is Dmitri Orlov’s site, Club Orlov and The Slog, for a humourous look at UK/EU shenanigans

  2. Congratulations Ev and well done. I’m a follower on both Facebook and twitter. I see a list of alternative sites noted. Some others: Vineyard of the Saker: http://www.thesaker,net – excellent commentary on the situation in the Ukraine and Russian affairs in particular, Russian Insider – combination of excellent commentary about Russian/Western affairs, Russian TV (although supposed to be propaganda I find it reports most things objectively when lined up against other non Western news media), Dr Paul Craig Roberts (ex Wall St Journal editor, economist, advisor to Regan), The Nation esp Emeritus Prof. Stephen Cohen NY Uni,, New Eastern Outlook NEO Journal, Gerald Celente (Trends Journal) and Chris Martinson (but have to subscribe to their sites) Cover the economic situation, world affairs and the BS of the Western media, Chris also big on preparing for the ‘apocalypse’ which will come about through the collapse of the world economy, global warming – so info on sustainable life style. Cheers and best wishes for continuing large readership.

    • Hi W, Thank you for following my blog. I have seen you around especially on twitter. Yes, these are all excellent sites and to be honest I could have a fairly huge list of them linked to my site but I try to minimise it to sites that have some connection to what I write about and make it so that people can find some of it for themselves. It’s pretty arbitrary I know. The vineyard of the Saker is being used extensively as a source by See More Rocks blog, another excellent source of real news here in New Zealand and it is sort of a courtesy to Robin who is the blogger there to not link to that site but I do read it as a source of information. I linked to Chris Martensen’s crash course a while back in a post. Maybe it is a good time to repost as the NY fed has announced to stop with QE meaning we are going to be in for a bumpy ride. I love Gerald Celente and used to be a “pauper” subscriber (He gives a reduced membership if you don’t have a high enough income) and I have nicked his “political atheist” description of himself as he rejects any of the big political parties. I think it’s the only way to be if you have half a brain at the moment. And I am also a long time follower of Dr. Paul Graig Roberts and he is even a Facebook “friend” of mine. I have a problem with Democracy now as they don’t want to go anywhere near 9/11 which I think is paramount to understanding our current predicament.

  3. You so deserve it Evelyn. I still remember when you first came onto my radar as a blogger around the time of the Section 59 debate and what a breath of fresh air to hear the perspective of an “import” who knew too well the dangers of where our sleepy sheepy nation was heading if we did not learn a lesson or two from the history of countries who had the experiences to caution us on our current direction of over-americanisation. I admire yourself, Penny, Ben, Vinnie, et al so much for standing in truth against the ridicule I have seen hurled at you all over the years and it warms me with so much hope to see the fruits of your courage and commitment paying off. The sleepy hobbits are starting to awaken…

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