If John Key Knew Rawsharks Identity Than Why Did They Ransack Nicky Hager’s House?

In a new chapter dedicated to the election period added to the updated biography of John Key (You can buy it at the cheap sales section I think) he is quoted as saying:

“Someone phoned and told me who the hacker was, but other than having a look at this person, I thought, ‘Oh well … nothing will come of it. Life goes on’.”

Which begs the questions; if John Key already knew the identity of Rawshark, the whistleblower responsible for the information Nicky Hager used in his book Dirty Politics than why did they not pursue in investigation of that person? Why did they raid Nicky Hager’s house even though they said he was just a witness? If John Key was so lackadaisical about the whole issue than why are the police not? Let’s face it everybody wants to see the roast busters pricks prosecuted for rape and under age sex with young girls fed copious amounts of alcohol to get them to submit and they got off because the police couldn’t be bothered!

Just in case you haven’t done so already, please consider donating to Nicky Hager’s legal fund


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