Money Wars And Total Stupidity On My Part

Thank you Bill for pointing out a fatal flaw in my post:

Money Wars, A Race To The Bottom And Massive Wealth Transfer Or Why The $ 523 Billion Printed In August 2012 Is Bad News For New Zealanders.

I wrote an article based on the premise that the Reserve bank had sold $ 512 Billion which in reality was $ 512  Million. I have taken the post off and will have to rethink it. It doesn’t happen often but I do get it wrong sometimes. I will recalculate and rethink and rewrite the article. The mistake in this case was the result of too much on my mind to do due diligence which of course meant I shouldn’t have done the the friggin article at all.

It doesn’t mean that the money brought into circulation wasn’t created out of thin air. It doesn’t mean the graphs I used where wrongly interpreted, it may not even mean that the debt to GDP ratio wasn’t manipulated by the sell of of the dollars. And for sure the value of the dollar was manipulated. But it does mean that I should have taken more care and not been complacent when I wrote it. Nobody needs a smart arse. And for this I apologise.

6 thoughts on “Money Wars And Total Stupidity On My Part

  1. Well, well….So you are actually human, who would have guessed :P….lol
    Most of us are very appreciative of what you are doing, so as far as I am concerned, no apology is necessary 🙂

  2. Do not beat your self up about this. Everyday you provide valuable information for people.

    Ok you got the million/billion thing wrong. Those of us that are aware of what is going on get it.

    The end result is the same we are being sold to the bankers.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards

    Jenny Munro

    • Hi Jenny, thank you so much for that comment. Yep we’re only people and sometimes we get it wrong. I think it is only fair to acknowledge that. I took the liberty to remove your personal details because I didn’t want you to open yourself up to spam attack or people showing up at your door. Hope you don’t mind. Kind regards Ev

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