Fascism Comes To Raglan. Booze Bus, TV Cameras And All!

Heaps of cops on there (sic)way to ragz with there(sic) police stop truck. Raglan Notice board.

Labour Weekend in Raglan is the biggest weekend of the year. It is the weekend that all small businesses in Raglan hope will start their summer earnings and hopefully keep them alive and thriving. I know this because I volunteer in and art Gallery which finds it increasingly harder to make ends meet even with only volunteers keeping it going.

What they don’t need is a huge booze catch net intimidating visitors to Raglan. Today, about three hours ago, a message appeared on the Raglan Notice board announcing that the police had rolled out a huge alcohol breathalyzer road trap. This is at 10 o’clock in the morning Just when the biggest crowed drives in for a day fishing, chilling, a nice lunch and some light entertainment. I don’t know about you but if that sounds like overkill and intimidation of thousands of people making them aware that the police have a nice new tool to collect your data keep you safe from yourself with too much drinking, your not alone. My husband decided to go to Ruapuke for a beach walk instead. Keep safe and read this to know your rights


3 thoughts on “Fascism Comes To Raglan. Booze Bus, TV Cameras And All!

  1. Why would anyone be “intimidated” by a booze bus unless they were planning on driving drunk? People who drive drunk not only place themselves in danger but also place others in danger. It’s good to see the boys and girls in blue are keeping our roads safe so that everyone can enjoy the labour weekend festivities without having to worry about yet more tragedies on the roads ruining it for everyone.

    P.S. Nobody has the “right” to drive drunk.

  2. Well there’s the National government helping the provinces for you! And small businesses. Bet you all voted for them, eh?

    • Let me rephrase that: Everyone of the hard working, salt of the earth plodders did! Biggest National vote here ever this election! I reckon they all suffer from Stockholm syndrome believing that the really rich actually give a f&*K about them

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