Updated: Hi Cam, “It’s John Here”. “Yes, Prime Minister?” “No Cam, Just John!” Yes, Prime Minister… Um John.”

Key said he regularly called Slater, who broke the story of the Len Brown affair, “to see what he’s got on his site and mind”.  John Key 14-2-2014

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman asked Mr Key today how many times since November 2008 that he had spoken with Mr Slater or texted him.

Mr Key replied “none” in his capacity as Prime Minister.

He also said whether he used his ministerial services phone for contact with Mr Slater was not a test of whether it was done in his Prime Ministerial capacity. Question time 22-10-2014

It wasn’t me, it was my office. I wasn’t the Prime Minister, I was just John. Lawyer speak rules the  day it seems. 

Here is the kind of conversations he must have had with Cameron Slater (Satire):

J K: “Hi Cam.”

C S: Yes, Prime Minister.”

J K: “No Cam, Just John here.”

C S: Yes Prime Minister… Um John.”

J K: Um… Cam?”

C S: Yes P… John?

J K: Make that Office.”

C S: “John… Office?”

J K: “Yes Cam, Can you do that for me?”

C S: “Sure John… Office, You da Bossman after all!”

J K: Acsually…     Let me reverse that… at the end of the day I think It would be better to be called John. Mark’s (Textor) talking to me here in the Office. He thinks John would be better too.”

C S: “So… you want me to call you John again Office?”

J K: “Yes, Cam.”

C S: “You sure John?”

J K: “No need to get snarky Cam. Need for plausible deniability and all that.”

However as the Prime Minister or Just John or his Office furniture  he did speak regularly with Cameron Slater. With Judith Collins seething on the back benches I am very curious to see how this seedy lot will self implode over the next few months. Let’s hope her malignant Narcissism shines bright the next couple of months.

Here is the Question time segment:




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