Are New Zealand MP’s Bullied Into Rubber Stamping War?

Terorist (Error in article) groups could not be allowed to dictate New Zealand’s foreign policy. John Key

News just broke that the Beehive,  in response to the  apparent attack on the Ottawa Government buildings by one or more “terrorists”, would close all it’s doors but two.

I don’t know about you but I find this a rather over the top response to a minor situation halfway across the globe. Except of course that New Zealand’s MP’s are not that happy about going to war with ISIS. Could it be that like the Anthrax attack right after the events of 9/11 herded the US congress into accepting the Patriot act and the attack on Afghanistan, this will be used to herd our government into accepting draconian spying laws and compliance with the US/NATO war machine? After all we can’t have Terrorists dictating our foreign policy now can we and if they attack us here we must kill them over there!

Parliament is closing down most of its doors in the wake of Canada’s shooting.

Canadian authorities put the capital Ottawa into lockdown early today after a soldier was shot dead by a gunman, who was then shot dead in a hail of bullets when he ran into the nearby Canadian parliament building.

Authorities believe further gunmen may still be on the loose in the city.

Parliamentary Service has confirmed only two entrances will be open for MPs, staff and the general public, and they will be heavily monitored.

Prime Minister John Key said New Zealand’s security level had not changed as a result of what happened in Canada “but it is something that the combined threat assessment group constantly look at”.

The terror threat moved from very low to low earlier this month.

“That still puts us in the middle of the pack….we are blessed in New Zealand to have a lower threat environment than many other countries around the world.”

Before jumping to conclusions about any raised risk to New Zealand the movitation of the Canadian shooter needed to be understood, he said.

But in the “modern environment” the security risk in public spaces needed to be taken “very seriously”.

Asked whether Parliament should arm its security guards, Key said that was something “that people will go away and reflect on”.

“It’s a bit like arming the police. Some of our police are rightfully armed and that’s absolutely necessary. The counter of course to that is the risk if you arm too many people these weapons can be used against you, or inappropriately.”

A link has been drawn against the attack on the Canadian Parliament and its decision to join the fight against Islamic State.

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