At Least All The Gangs Seem to Fight On The Same Side For The Moment

Update: John “Merrill Lynch” gang Moko” Key ramps up war talk!

Over the last few weeks articles appeared in Dutch and German News papers about members of motor bike gangs were fighting with the Kurds against ISIS.

In fact the Dutch Government declared that to be perfectly fine just so long as you didn’t fight on the side of ISIS/ISIL whatever you did was legal.

Here in New Zealand we are facing draconian laws to stop people from fighting with ISIS/ISIL and the same goes for countries like Holland and Germany where Muslims and other people who just happen to think that their preferred side is that of ISIS/ISIL part for Iraq and Syria to do the same as the Gangs except on the other side.

To extrapolate that if members of the Tribal Huk mob decided to fly out to help the Kurds (Who in their own right aren’t exactly nice fighters and cause their own share of mayhem around the region) instead of feeding hungry children here in NZ we would be OK with that.

Well at least is seems that the biker gangs choose the side of the even bigger gangs: The US, NATO and our own dear leader’s NZ army.

2 thoughts on “At Least All The Gangs Seem to Fight On The Same Side For The Moment

  1. What a load of cobbled together garbled bullshit. You can’t even put together a sentence in English let alone understand European politics and the stance the Dutch and Germans have taken.
    If you believe so strongly that ‘Key’ is preventing you from demonstrating your ‘rights as a kiwi’ feel free to enlist with Isis.

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