Facebook Comment From Hala Toubia About What Will Happen If We Help Invade Syria!

This is a comment written by a Syrian Ex-Pat living in NZ. She wrote it in response to a request from Naomi Wolf for testimonies from Syrians who are worried about the pending war being waged against their country.

While she states that 23 million people will rise against the US/NATO invasion let me make it plain: Iran and Russia will also get involved.

I thought I’d place it here so that New Zealanders might get an idea what John Key is getting us into:


I am Syrian living in NZ but my whole family is still in Syria, living in Tartous, Homs and Aleppo, with plenty of friends living in Damascus, Homs and the coast. My sister and her family have NZ passports but are still living in Aleppo. I am educated, learned, realistic and open-minded with no political affiliation whatsoever, but extremely passionate about my country Syria.

I am from a Christian middle/upper-class family with friends who are Sunni, Alawite, Shia’a, Druze, Armenians and you name it. None of my contacts in Syria are or were blind supporters of the government, although 90% of them admire the President and his wife for different reasons. All of them wanted reforms, some of them were critics of the government and others were on the fence.

However, for close to 4 years now all of them have been telling me about the terrorists that occupied and destroyed their houses, offices and shops, killed a friend or a family member, held my brothers at gun point and turned them all into an internally displaced people. The same terrorists that the corporate media has been referring to as ‘rebels’, ‘moderate rebels’, ‘fighters’ and whatever else suits.

Everyone that I know there has been speaking highly of the Syrian army and the government support. All of them have confirmed that none of the demonstrations, including the initial ones, were peaceful. The arms and weapons have been used against the Syrian government and civilians since March 2011.

Since 2011 normal Syrians have known of the American/GCC/Israel/ Turkey conspiracy against Syria. They have known all along that of the plans to remove our nationalist government and replace it with one that serves the interest of the US/NATO and GCC, give up Golan and sign a peace agreement with the Israeli occupation on Palestine. Even before the president spoke about that, the ordinary Syrians knew it all along.

Remember that Syrians have had satellite TVs since early 1990s and all of them have access to the internet and social media. Syrians are no sheep and aren’t brainwashed, rather they have all talked and analysed politics even before the war on Syria. The Syrians that I am in touch with have all voted for our President in the last elections, have been praying for the Syrian army and celebrating their achievements, and are proud of the Syrian government for not giving up to its enemies.

Syrians know for fact that the US and its allies are not in Iraq and Syria to fight the ISIS which they have created, they are there to remove our beloved President and turn Syria into another Iraq and Libya. If the US enters Syria, you will find the 23 million Syrians fighting against the US and for Syria

– Syrian ex-pat Hala Hala Toubia

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