Another Five Eye Country On The Security Counsel, One Step Closer To A Mad Dash To War

World affairs: Containing the “madness” of Islamic State militants, preventing a repeat of what has occurred in Gaza this year, and finding a lasting solution to tensions in the Ukraine are among New Zealand’s priorities if elected. New Zealand’s priorities as a security counsel member

With the election of New Zealand, sold to us like we actually have an independent vote, another five eye country hell bent on war in the Middle East has ascended to the Security Counsel.

Our Priorities? Yep, fighting the “mad”  Muslims, more bombs on Gaza cause they are mad there too, NATO to the rescue of Ukraine and getting rid of Veto rights for “the bad guys” hidden under the “All veto states are culpable” meme so read China and Russia. We will be a good little state serving the Empire where countries such as Spain and Venezuela will give the US some serious headaches I hope. World war III here we come!



n a vote at the UN’s New York headquarters on Thursday local time (Friday morning NZT), New Zealand picked up 145 votes, claiming one of the “Western Europe and other nations” seats – ahead of Turkey and Spain – in the first round of voting.

New Zealand will take its seat on the council for two years, starting on January 1, 2015. The last time New Zealand sat on the council was 1993-94. It had earlier stints in 1953/54 and 1966.

It has been hailed a victory for small states by Prime Minister John Key, who said it came after hard work over a decade lobbying for the seat.

“We have worked very hard on the bid for close to a decade because we believe that New Zealand can make a positive difference to world affairs and provide a unique and independent voice at the world’s top table.

“It has been more than 20 years since New Zealand was last on the Council and we are ready to contribute again.

“It was a tough campaign against Spain and Turkey, two much bigger countries and close friends.”

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4 thoughts on “Another Five Eye Country On The Security Counsel, One Step Closer To A Mad Dash To War

  1. Key has no leadership ability ,never mistake the ability to get elected as the ability to lead. They are two distinct skills.
    Imagine the dirty politics Key will take with him …

  2. John Key is a player for the World Elite and this is probably initiating him into a position on the UN permanently for when he finishes up his term or gets impeached!

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