My Message To John Key: You’re A War Pig!

I was once a young and silly girl and I hung with bands. One of them, believe it or not, was Black Sabbath in the original formation in the time the song War Pigs was a hit. I hung with them at the Hilton hotel of Amsterdam. The same Hilton hotel where not so long before John Lennon had been staying with his wife Yoko Ono. They stayed in bed for a whole week to protest the war in Vietnam and to promote peace. Those were heady and hopeful days!

Now I am getting to hag age and lo and behold there is a need for this song again. These are dangerous times and I have little hope left but I still have the fight in me I had when I was that silly young girl hanging with bands.

So with that sentiment I want to dedicate the song War Pigs to own War Pig John Key!

Performed by Country singer Zac Brown, Dave Grohl and Foo fighters, on the same Letterman show John Key once looked like a total dip, I give you War Pigs:

2 thoughts on “My Message To John Key: You’re A War Pig!

  1. Hi, please check your Facebook messages inbox under ‘other’. I’ve sent you a letter you might be interested in.

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