Booze Buses, Data mining, Criminalizing Dissent

Our government loves us, as we all know, and everything they do is to help us achieve our full potential. In order to do so the government has decided to spend more money on training and evening school courses we are served with brand spanking new buses equipped with a system that will help us find out how much we have drunk too much, keeping us away from our full potential, by allowing us to give our finger prints and DNA in those brand spanking new buses equipped with all kinds of modern gadgets to test all off that.

It also means of course that you have to come out of your car and get into a bus filled with policemen who can detain you in case you have drunk too much or in case you show up in a database for whatever reason such as fines, being brown, suspected activism, opposition to our ruling elite, writing books our government doesn’t like or for merely having a blog they don’t like…..

And we know from the past in oppressive countries, which we aren’t of course, that being in the company of policemen in closely confined spaces, with nobody else around, accidents do take place…..

Not here of course. Our government does not conspire against us, we are a democracy, and if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear…. And you shouldn’t drink in the first place anyway!

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