I’m A Non Violent Extremist And I Am In Good Company.

When David Cameron painted all of us who want a new and independent investigation into the events of 9/11 as non-violent extremists I responded with a statement of intent. I think it is important to speak out about that day because every war that happened after that day is related to that day.

Our manipulated hatred of Muslims is related to that day. The fact that John Key wants to take us to war is related to that day and millions of Muslims who had nothing to do with what happened on that day are dying as a result.

Not only that but thousands of Western soldiers are dying as a result of what happened that day. Thousands of soldiers are committing suicide, suffer of PTSD and other horrible diseases related to the use of Depleted Uranium as a result of that day. Thousands of first responders are dying as a result of their heroism on that that day and the days following and the entire US population is suffering from PTSD as a result of that day.

And on a personal note I began to lose my own livelihood and business as a result of that day and suffer from Complex PTSD as a result of what happened on that day and so did my husband.

I am not alone in thinking we need a new and independent investigation into what happened that day. The day that made very wealthy people of the likes of Rumsfeld and Cheney. Halliburton, Lockheed, Boeing, Exxon, BP and other big Corporations.

With me are of course billions of Muslims. But with me are also millions of Germans, French Italians, Russians and Malaysians,

And most of all with me are people of science, architecture, engineering who with their knowledge make it perfectly clear that the official story is just a Conspiracy Theory, based on smearing, conjecture and outright lies. A Conspiracy Theory build on scientific impossibilities and used to take us to war against people peacefully minding their own business in countries who just happened to be above oil fields those corporations coveted. People conveniently so different from us that it was easy to malign, vilify and tar them using the ignorance of the people in the West.

So I thought I’d introduce some of those people here link to the resources they provided and maybe in this dire time with John Key leading us to war some of you who read my blog because of my posts on John Key might be ready to take the next step towards facing the reality that is our empire and how it has come about:

Today I would like to introduce Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.

Architect and Engineers was founded by one man who, as a well respected architect specialized in exactly the type of steel framed buildings which collapsed on 9/11, realized that there was something very wrong in that picture when he was listening to an interview with another courageous speaker of the truth about 9/11, David Ray Griffin about why 9/11 could not have happened the way we where told it was.

His name is Richard Gage and he is a member of the American Institute of Architecture. A livelong  Republican voter and for all intends and purposes a wealthy, smart and well respected professional found himself in turmoil to the point of losing his marriage when he began to research what had actually happened with the three buildings when they came down and together with Engineer Tony Samboti and many others he came to the conclusion that the National Institute of Science and Technology had either been lying or had been incredibly incompetent when they wrote the official report about what happened with the twin towers on that day. His group Architects and Engineers has grown to 2292 supporters from the Architect, Engineering and Science Communities as well as 19.000 “civilian” supporters such as me.

I am a proud non-violent extremist. I know we have been lied to  and as a result millions of people have died and are about to die. I want the violence to end. I am in good company!


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