False Flag Alert: New Zealand Is ISIS Internet Headquarters!

Not quite a the raid I was expecting but it turns out New Zealand is ISIS’s head quarters! Be prepared for more invasive laws, less freedom of speech and more restrictions on your movements around the place. 

But conspiring against their own population? Our Governments? Never!


A suspected Islamic State website shut down by Iceland authorities was registered to a private box in an upmarket Auckland suburb.

Iceland closed down a terrorist website believed to be used by jihadist organisation, according to the authority responsible for the country’s internet domain name ‘.is’, Agence France-Presse reported.

The site “khilafah.is” – which internet in Iceland Inc (ISNIC) said was run by a group calling itself Islamic State – was traced back to a web hosting company in Iceland at the weekend.

It was believed to have been online since mid-September.

The address listed on its domain registration is a private box in Farnham St, Parnell.

ISNIC said it had “suspended domains that were used for the website of a known terrorist organisation”.

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3 thoughts on “False Flag Alert: New Zealand Is ISIS Internet Headquarters!

  1. Reblogged this on ecoliberty and commented:
    John Key starting to be more like Obama. If our government is going to ISIS as a scare tactic to have more of our freedom removed. For as New Zealander we all for the stand up and say enough is enough.

  2. I can’t copy and paste so well on my phone, but you should read John Weekes in the herald today under “Terror website shows lax attitude by NZ”. “Security expert” cited criticizing NZ’s screening of web site registration. Sounds like a good build up for rigorous ID checks to register a website/blog. Since running a website is hardly considered a “right” I’m sure that guilty until proven innocent could be implemented, like with the copyright infringement stuff. Blogs and websites registered in NZ taken down on the basis of a complaint that there was a suspicion of an association with IS.

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