Was The NZ Airforce Training For War In Syria In June 2014

Number 5 Squadron is currently conducting trials with its P3K Orions, which are scheduled to finish towards the end of June.

The Defence Force says it’s unlikely to be responsible tor the large bangs that rattled homes across Auckland yesterday evening. 

The Defence Force is owning up, saying the Kaipara Bomb Range is the likely source of three to four blasts which were so loud they shook houses in West Auckland and the North Shore.

The Defence Force says the sound is usually confined to a 10-to-15 kilometre radius, but a westerly wind along with low cloud cover seems to have amplified the sound of the explosions. 

NZTalk June 19 2014

Today’s newspaper announced that John Key is mulling air support for the war against Syria (Because that is what it is).

It brought back the memory of a strange news item from around June of this year so I did a quick search and found it back. The news item was about strange explosions shaking Auckland houses and nobody knowing where the explosions came from.

At first NZ Air force denied it they were practising targeted bombing only to came clean a day later the Air force and then said that they had been practising targeted bombing but that the sounds usually don’t carry further than 10-15 km and they where doing it every year or so.

Here is a little video the air force released later of the exercise called:

Orion P3-K2 Bombing Camp


But only last week the newspapers told us that the NZ Air force doesn’t have a combat arm any more. Hmmm?

So why where they practising targeted bombing and what kind of bombs where they using  to make such a loud noise as to rattle houses in Auckland? And that is not something that happens due to a wind direction or cloud formation as the NZ air force at the time claimed. That might affect it over say a distance of 5 km outside the normal range but to have houses shaking in Auckland the sound would have to travel twice to three times the distance it normally travels so what where they practising with and why?

So here is my question? Where they practising targeted bombing to be able to take part in the war with Syria?

Another question I have where these bombs made especially for New Zealand because if they where not you can rest assured these bombs contained Depleted Uranium which is now splattered all over New Zealand!


One thought on “Was The NZ Airforce Training For War In Syria In June 2014

  1. Heaven forbid ! Then there is talk of Geiger readings in NZ bush reading high (assume South Is.) and I just happened to be talking to another person who said we were mining uranium in the Kaikoura region around the early 1960’s !

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