About 9/11, Here Is 5 Hours Of Science. Watch it With An Open Mind, Please

This is the official video from the 2011 Toronto hearings. It is a powerful documentary about the four days of hearings about the most important questions and answers with regards to the events of 9/11. I think it is very important for all of you out there to watch this with as many people as possible because Prime Minister John Key and the mainstream media are going to take this country to war with ISIS which is just a new and suspicious enemy coming out of the blue just like al Qaeda did on 9/11 . They also want to brand people who are asking questions about 9/11 as extremists if it is up to Cameron. So here is 5 hours of scientists, Legal specialists and a truckload of well presented evidence. Watch it with an open mind if you are new to this!


2 thoughts on “About 9/11, Here Is 5 Hours Of Science. Watch it With An Open Mind, Please

  1. Thanks again for your relentless pursuit of truth! I hope your research can open the minds and eyes of our sleepy hobbits before it is too late.

    Here is another link to this Toronto footage broken down into smaller sized parts for each day of the hearing…

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