ISIS, Khorasans, Syria, Who The Fuck Cares, Same Dif Anyway!

For those of you still believing that we are going to help the good guys against the bad guys here are some links to articles you might want to read up on. Especially if you have loved ones in the NZ army who might be send over to Syria because that is what this is all about.

  • What the hell is ISIS and where did it all of a sudden come from
  • Why are they beheading Western journalists
  • Fighting “rebel” groups while financing them at the same time
  • The never ending list of new Terrorist groups would be laughable if it didn’t kill so many people. Who is Khorasan? Who cares. The good news is that they are based in Syria! And they are really, really bad!
  • The air raids in Syria so far have hit empty buildings because funnily enough ISIS got an advance warning and moved out of the buildings weeks ago and Oil refineries belonging to the state of Syria and not as we were told to ISIS.

    It is also important to note that virtually none of the infrastructure being destroyed by the United States airstrikes was built by ISIS. It was built by the Syrian government. The reality of the bombing campaign is that the United States and its allies are destroying important regions of Syria and leaving nothing of real value for the Syrian military to retake after its long-fought battles against ISIS.

  • Britain voted to attack both ISIS and Syria just in case you think I’m making shit up.
  • And just in case you thought they’d forgotten about Iran. Think again!

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