War Monger Alert: Australia Could Join The Bombing Raids In Iraq Within Days!

They are not yet committing to bombing Syria but that is just a matter of time. Once they’re there what is bombing the next city back to the stone age. All they need to be told it that they are bombing ISIS/ISIL for the good of the West!

Australia could join air strikes on Islamic State (IS) insurgents in a matter of days as the final hurdles to participation are cleared, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says.

The federal government’s national security committee and the cabinet will meet in the coming days to discuss the action, while Bishop said on Sunday she expected the legal framework for Australian action in Iraq could be agreed with Baghdad shortly.

Bishop has also said Australia could be involved in strikes on IS, also known as ISIL, in Syria but cautioned the different legal framework – including the fact that Australia does not recognise the Syrian government – meant different considerations would apply.

Labor Justice Spokesman David Feeney backed the government’s involvement in Iraq but indicated the Opposition would oppose Australian military intervention in Syria, for now, because it believed it was illegal.

Bishop stressed on Sunday the government believed it was very important that Australia’s involvement in the Middle East remained bipartisan.

Australia has deployed eight FA-18 Super Hornet jets, early warning and refuelling aircraft as well as 600 personnel to the Middle East. Of those 600 personnel, about 200 are said to be military advisers ready to work with Iraqi government forces in the fight with IS.

The Foreign Minister told the ABC’s Insiders programme today that she expected the national security committee and then cabinet to discuss the Iraq mission this week.

“In Iraq we need to have a legal framework…we want to ensure that we can get the legal framework in place,” she said, adding that the framework could be in place in just a few days.

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