Wow, How Times Have Changed: Anti John Key Facebook Page Shut Down

When I started blogging a little over 8 years ago I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. When I started commenting on the Standard blog an equally long time ago I was almost banned for my “crazy” conspiracy theories.

It wasn’t until the 2011 elections that I started to notice a change online. The Standard started a Public microphone post everyday to accommodate comments not related to specific posts allowing people like me to talk about 9/11 and other more controversial subjects. And the numbers grew. Trolls were banned when they became too aggressive and stupid and even the writers at the Standard started to talk about the backroom machinations from the National government and John Key in particular

While my comments where largely ignored by the Standard top man LPrent I felt confident that I had a place on the blog as one of their regular commentators and did not have to fear censure if I kept to the few basic rules they set.

Today I made history. A Facebook page called “John Key has let New Zealand down” was unceremoniously shut down yesterday evening. No warning, No explanation. Much like the shut down of Vinny Eastwoods Youtube channel a week before the elections.

I made a comment about this and to my utter surprise found it made into a post at the Standard by the same moderator who threatened to ban me all that time back.

How times have changed. Maybe there is a silver lining with John Key and his dirty dozen being re elected after all. Maybe it will finally break it to people that them and us, we are not that different and our dear leaders really are not acting in our best interest. Lprent having no more problems with putting me up front page and a group that banned me all those years ago taking me back being more aware that they are being pushed out to the margins just like I have been.

Does it mean that they are all becoming 9/11 truthers. Hell no, but hey maybe Lprent, one of these day you should really have another look at what happened that day. Buildings do not collapse due to simple office fires or a bit of Kerosene exploding mostly outside the buildings.

And everything we are witnessing today: Spying, militarisation, the ongoing wars against “terrorism”, it all started on that day after all.


6 thoughts on “Wow, How Times Have Changed: Anti John Key Facebook Page Shut Down

  1. The Standard is, as any funded corporate media tool, were quick to censor the truth.
    Same with corrupt Public Address, Pundit, kiwiblog.They will print lies for money, promote the political party that funds them without regard to the harm it causes their fellow man.
    Well done on the facebook site .

  2. The 9/11 truthers are way saner that those who see them as tinfoil hat wearing loons. Basic facts like BBC foreknowledge of the collapse of WTC7 and the physics of persistent heat at ground zero don’t fit into the world of kiwis who rely on the corporate media for their “truth”.

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