Spying Is Good For you, Spying Is Good For you, Spying Is Good For you…

Now that we know they are spying on us the next phase is being rolled out. It is good for us don’t you know. It keeps us safe. Another nameless propaganda piece from the Propaganda outlet known as the New Zealand Herald supported with panicmongering about “terrorists” being killed on the streets or Australia is supposed to convince us and if the Kiwi voting behaviour is anything to go by they have already succeeded. By the way beheading is not a ritual Muslim practice it is however touted as an excellent manner in which to instil terror in the ignoramuses living in the west.


As New Zealand’s election campaign entered its final days, Australians absorbed news that 800 police had swooped on suspected jihadist sympathisers in Sydney and Queensland to foil an atrocity. They were acting on intelligence that an Isis (Islamic State) leader had ordered a killing. One of the 15 people police detained, 22-year-old Omarjan Azari, has been charged with planning to select a random person for a gruesome publicised execution such as Isis has been carrying out on Western captives in the Middle East.

The prosecutor said the plan was to shock and horrify the Australian community. If true, doubtless it was also to dissuade them from backing the Abbott Government’s dispatch of Australian forces to join the United States action against Isis in Iraq. If that was the intention it was misjudged. There had been criticism within Australia of their Government’s intervention in Iraq before the terrorist plot was foiled, and the criticism has continued since. But nothing would have hardened public opinion more certainly than a ritual murder on Australian soil.

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