US Spy Planes Are Flying Over The UK In Search Of Jihadi Joe!

Never mind the wholesale data mining of all Kiwi internet activity inclusing your visits to porn sites and ebay purchases. This is the next phase!

US spy planes are flying above Britain monitoring telephone and computer signals in a bid to track down British terrorist Jihadi John and those who are communicating with him.

The aircraft, manned by British pilots and carrying FBI agents, are equipped with technology so advanced they can detect heat coming off a keyboard when a button is pressed.

A source has revealed Jihadi John, who has beheaded three Western hostages on camera, comes from a South London suburb about 10 miles from Central London.

The signals and data collected by the spy planes is being sent back to the US to be analysed, the Sunday Express reported.

An FBI source told the paper: ‘Electronic footprints might help us pinpoint the location of the British IS executioner because we believe there are associates of his in the UK who are directly communicating with him.’

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