Remember Flight MH17?

One of my readers pointed out that the links don’t work. I have to confess to be at a loss as to why they don’t. I give you the two links to copy and past so you can get to the reports:

When flight MH 17 crashed on Thursday, July 17  we where told within half an hour that it was the Russians with a SAM 9K37M1 rocket from one of their Buk-M1 Surface to air missile systems.

Why the Russians would do such a thing was never explained but a billions of dollars costing display of NATO military power and the annexation of Kiev and most of the Ukraine by Europe and NATO the response.

Economic sanctions costing already suffering small and middle size businesses depending on exports to Russia billions where implemented and the preliminary Dutch investigation was so vague as to explain nothing and enabled the MSM to claim anything.

While we have to wait another year for the Dutch investigation which due to the secrecy treaty signed between Holland, Ukraine, Belgium and Australia who all have a veto to suppress anything they don’t like to come out in all probability will explain nothing of what really happened I thought I’d present you with the Russian report. The report is written by a group of experts from the Russian Union of engineers. It is well written in a language understandable for laymen and women.

What is interesting is that they don’t duck and dive around issues. No high speed object mumbo Jumbo for them.

They make it clear that flight MH 17 would indeed have been an easy target for the above mentioned rocket system but they also show why that is highly unlikely.

The odds of destroying aerial targets such as the Boeing 777 using the SAM 9K37M1 “Buk – M1” are high, as the aircraft was moving at a level of 10100 meters, at a speed of 900 km.

They go on to explain how the installation would work what would have been necessary to operate it and the fact that one such installation from the Ukrainian regular army was indeed placed in the Donetsk region.

They continue with the fact that the noise and visual effects would have been hard to deny and photos would have emerged from the exhaust trail and the impact. As photos had indeed emerged from the actual crash as it happened.

I urge people to read this rapport as it clearly demonstrates that the story as told by the Western propaganda outlets can not have happened.


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