Open Letter To Kim Dotcom: It Was Cognitive Dissonance That Made National Win

In the aftermath of the disastrous election results I decided to put my thoughts on paper in an open letter to Kim Dotcom. Kim Dotcom who has taken on the habit of penance for thinking that it was he who lost MANA the elections. I beg to differ. So here goes.

Dear Kim,

You don’t know me even though you have been following my tweets for a while now. I tried to write some personal messages to you over the last three months to which you choose not to respond but never the less I would like to direct myself to you publically in the aftermath of what is most certainly the most stunning turn of political events in a 125 years of NZ history.

Like you I am a Toa Iwi or a foreignerin this country. I am a 58 year old Dutch women, like you almost 2 meters tall. I have been married to a Kiwi for the last 28 years and still going strong. Like you I ended up here under less than ideal circumstances in the hope of finding peace and safety. And like you I have been a vocal opponent of John Key and I have had 8 years to hone my knowledge and research on the man and I have had to come to the conclusion as far away back as March 2008 already, 8 months before he was elected the first time, that he was a fraudulent scumbag financed and send here by the international financial Mafia currently destroying our global economy and taking us to ever increasing unsustainable wars.

The revelations of Snowden, Greenwald and Amsterdam only served to cement that knowledge and did not surprise me in the least.

Where I differ from you is that since I have been in it for the long haul is in my expectations with regards to the behavior of the Kiwi voting population.

You see over the last 8 years I witnessed three elections (last one included) and every time they followed the same amazing pattern. In the leadup to the elections the dirty politics level on the side of National was ramped up by the mainstream media fed by the likes of Cameron Slater and David Farrar and the National Caucus seemed to become more and more entrenched in their illogical counter intuitive liking of the man of $ 50 million who did everything they so despised if just an inkling of that was shown to happen in say the Labour party.

It wasn’t until and article appeared in the Boston Globe online on July 11, 2010 titled: How facts backfire that I began to understand what was happening. The article details scientific research into why people, confronted with scientific and provable facts, dig their heels in and continue to believe int the fallacies they have been believing in before being presented by the facts contradicting these beliefs. One very hard system to break are political convictions and especially those of the political partisan.

In a series of studies in 2005 and 2006, researchers at the University of Michigan found that when misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger.
So when you organized your Moment of truth event I knew I was in for some juicy revelations but I also knew that it would not make a flying fuck of difference in the way Kiwi’s would vote. I knew in fact that supported by a mainstream media specialized in keeping their convictions unchallenged and their anxieties at high levels, the vote for National would remain high and would most probably rise even higher.

I was not disappointed. We now have the third National party government hell bent on destroying the very people who voted for them and there is nothing you or I could have done about that. There is no fixing stupid. No matter how hard you try.

Over the last 8 years I have quietly gone about my business of educating those who want to learn. Not because I necessarily know better but because I after waking up to the bigger picture after having been targeted by some very nasty characters (something I fear you had to too) I was appalled at what I was learning and wanted to share with as many people as possible. If I am not mistaken you wanted to do the same after the way you had been treated by the international copyright mafia with the help of John Key and his minions. I have reached 10 of thousands with hundreds more everyday. Small but persistent. Like a mosquito. That is me.

Yesterday you felt that it was you who had cost Hone Harawira and Mana their seat in Government and I was touched by your impressive Mea Culpa. It was authentic and honest. I also read your tweet in which you expressed your gratitude at having been part of the Mana and internet party experience. Those were the words of an honest and humbled man.

I don’t know if you realize but you did some incredible things here in New Zealand. In fact you may not realize it but in my humble opinion you have only just begun your journey here.

Here are some of the things you have achieved without even thinking about it.

  • You worked together with one of the most outspoken Maori activists. A man who has a record of absolute incorruptible love for his people and a need to protect the poor and the vulnerable. Not just Hone but his family, his co-warriors and all of those around the country supporting Hone took you in.
  • You became part of what he was trying to achieve and he let you in. I don’t think that had anything to do with your money. I think it had to do with a shared sense of injustice. Sure money makes things easy but that was not what this was about.
  • You brought some of the most high profile whistleblowers and journalists in the service of truth to this country and gave thousands of New Zealanders information they needed to hear and with this you gave New Zealand back the election which was stolen from them by the international masters John Key serves. Sure we lost but you planted a seed which will grow and empower and enrage New Zealanders over the years to come and which will give them the tools to fight back. Knowledge is power and I have faith that more and more people will want to know. I know because I have never had so many New Zealanders visit my blog as in the aftermath of this election. In fact I am almost envious because you reached more people in one event than it took me beavering away for the last 8 years but as it is all for a good cause I won’t mull over it too long.
  •  You, by teaming up with people like Hone Harrawira  and John Minto, single handedly scared the shit out of the ruling elite and their status quo and you should not be surprised that this came with a heavy backlash. I think Hone knew and he still wanted to take that chance. He is a big boy and he will be back of this I have no doubt.

The issue is what are you going to do next? I know you have enough on your plate and you have a business to run, software to develop and above all to stay out of the clutches of Virginia but here is what I would do if I was in your place.

  • If I estimate correctly you still have a lot of goodwill with people like Hone and Minto and if you really want to show your appreciation of the experience you have been part of here is what Hone really needs:
  • He needs help for his people. Not the big ostentatious help but a couple of $ 100 here and there to help tie a school over. A bit of help with getting a kid out of a jam. Getting a young mother into a training course to get her in a job.
  • Maybe some computers for a school. You meeting children who want to learn about computers and internet would be great. A little goes a long way if done with honesty.
  • Also this country needs you to support the people who want to keep reporting the truth and who want to keep on informing and educating.

In short what you need to do is become a real part of the New Zealands landscape. A regular guy who knows how to do good with his money. Remember how you started out? Those heady days of hacking into the NASA and Pentagon computers. Come on, you being a young German with the US army in your backyard, it wasn’t just fun was it? That was out of anger too.

I have seen you grow up over the last couple of years Kim, nobody goes through what you and your family have gone through over the last few years without damage. I suffer from Complex PTSD as a result of my tribulations and can recognize a fellow sufferer from a mile away. Even if that person isn’t aware they suffer from it. Your need for exposing the truth and for justice not for yourself alone but for all New Zealanders is a dead give away.

It is up to you Kim, But I can recognize a good man when I see one. You did not cause this election to go as bad for us as it did other than that you where trying to be too helpful and to eager to tell the truth. I really hope that you will take my advise and continue what you started. Telling the truth! One day at the time. You will find that all of us out there can really appreciate a fellow traveler and you will find that over the next couple of years as we battle on in this information war you will find friends in the most unexpected places. In fact you do all of the above and I know for a fact that even a lot of those National voters who hate your guts right now will change their minds. Some have over me too.

All my love to you and your family.

A fellow Traveler in truth,

Evelien Gilbert

40 thoughts on “Open Letter To Kim Dotcom: It Was Cognitive Dissonance That Made National Win

  1. Wow great letter hone is a great man and yrs outspoken and radicol but we adore him because he speaks for our tamariki who indeed libe in poverty so yes i do agree help hone succeed and he in return wil help you com we are a poor country with more money going out than comming in to whanau cheers hone

  2. Excellent & 100% TRUTHFUL letter, come on Aotearoa ! take the blinkers off & do your research, research, research, come next election time & make the most well informed & balanced decision on who & what you vote for… not only to improve your life but for the rest of your fellow people I suppose some kind of excellent & persuasive mind & psychological tactics or reverse psychology will definitely be needed to persuade kiwis to vote to make the lives of ALL better next time around… some words of advice for John Key ” and ye shall know the truth & the truth shall set you free ” ( holy bible ) by this I mean that one day the masses of people will come to know the FRAUDULENT & CORRUPT person you are… To the writer of this letter & the rest of Aotearoa I say God Bless, God Defend NZ & remember ” many are called but few are chosen ” ( holy bible ) stand up for what is right & decent, not what is popular, or who has an impressive image etc etc etc

  3. Awesome letter! I have a lot of respect for Kim. I hope he gets to read your beautiful letter and takes the advice youve given him.

  4. Wow I LOVE YOUR MOVING Letter I met kim also I sense he has a kind heart towards our ppl I am also Hone cuzin Just supporting him since he started the Mana Movement and me helping Hone Campaign, with our Mana whanau. You are sooo rite kim needs to Help Hone with there school up nth and prove to the ppl he is Genuine I personally know as you meet ppl that you pick it up there (wairua) Beside the media says the opposite? I am sooo please you been Honest EG and Truthful to kim I pray he will response to your email?


    • I met Hone once and shook his hand. I know an honest and good man when I see one. I am so very sorry he lost this election we need people like him now more than ever.

  5. Love the article. Always thought that Kim has done a lot of good since he has been in the country. I believe that the country will come to realise and appreciate what he has done with The Moment of Truth in time to come – first on the list will be the true consequences of TPPA, revelations within the next 5 years!

  6. I am pleased Kim came clean on the Election Night. He was 100% correct. and should Move on and prepare for the Next election..He was a Huge Distraction. People actually Believed he was a Candidate . Hone and Laila Should have been the Focus of the Internet/Mana Campaign. Kim as the Main Financial Backer. Hands Off . the opening Party the Media showed kim and his Hacking Claims then Pam the Puffed up little Shit Quote. No policy or Candidates …the Moment of Truth .Kim again on Stage .Julian waiting to talk Edward was interesting but No details.3 days later the Australian Media go into over drive with police Raid no not for Drugs but for 15 people of Interest. (They forgot to mention that 12 were released the following day.) But it is Alleged that there was “Chatter” about “Beheading a Random stranger” NZ media Run with it and JK says see this is why we need the GCSB to prevent this happening here .But Nothing Actually happened .False Flag operations happen all the time to Scare people Fear Motivates people.. and is used to Control people.

  7. Maybe Dotcom is a “good man”, but his new found appreciation of the plight of the lower sectors of society is not to be trusted. Once he has ten years of humility and learning under his belt then he will be worth listening to. Until then he is just a recently reformed ACT supporter who is, as one blogger puts it, ” a profiteer and a misogynist, a man who pays his Filipino workers less than the minimum wage.”

    Dotcom aside, though, you are suggesting that the real culprit here is the “boomerang effect”. I think that this is misplaced on three grounds: One is that the problem is not so much that people may often react against factual information, but rather that that tendency id being systematically exploited and vastly magnified. Linked to this is the campaign run by Labour which undermined the impact of Hager’s revelations and the Internet/MANA campaign simultaneously. The other is that the election results are not credible.

    The idea that a constituency like Christchurch East would give its constituency vote to Labour but its party vote to Nats is nonsensical. Very few people in Christchurch East like National – why would they?

    The votes for Internet/MANA, ACT, and the Maori Party are all suspiciously low. If you put a cabbage on TV as much as these guys were you would probably get more votes than that, as Colin Craig proved.

    Likewise, there isn’t any good explanation of there being a swing against the Greens from the pre-election polling. Their trajectory was clear in the campaign and they got surprisingly good treatment from the media.

    As for the boomerang effect, most people quite rationally take their cue from the media and the political opposition. The news media and the Labour Party “positive” campaign sent very clear messages that there were no clear-cut easily apprehended contentions of wrongdoing by National and the PM. The very fact that Cunliffe kept bemoaning the existence of Dirty Politics as a distraction sends an absolutely unmistakeable signal to people that dovetails perfectly with Key’s subliminal suggestion that people shouldn’t read it at all because it might make them unhappy. Likewise the neat consensus between Labour, Nats and our beloved MSM was to treat surveillance allegations as being incredibly technical and confusing and utterly impossible to understand except, of course, when John Key gave hos various unstable but undeniably simplistic explanations about how it was all just a giant antivirus programme that wasn’;t even implemented anyway.

    Much as I don’t like to support AVAAZ, I would like to direct you and your readers to a petition to investigate the election results. Many thousands of people seem to think that something stinks here:

    • The petition is closed now,no news of whats happening to petition so far.
      Im not sure if Cunliffe had an agenda with National , but I suspected all along he was’nt interested in winning election.
      He capitulated a lot to Keys opinions and praising Kelvin Davis.
      He rubbished internet /mana, who had a lot of support, it seemed a concerted effort to shut them out.
      The polls seemed very suspect ,when the overseas votes were counted I suspected they couldn’t be manipulated , I believe they showed the real state of affairs.
      How do you know DotCom didn’t pay his workers properly “because the media says so” The Media is not to be trusted in NZ.
      Dot Com shouldn’t have been on stage for Moment of Truth, his loud nervous laugh was off putting. The whole thing could have been handled in a more proffessional way, but the information was incredible , maybe the people involved could appear again without anyone else,just them stating the facts ,John Key was always going to belittle the event.
      Dot Com is fighting for his life ,once in USA, he’s history, he would never get a fair hearing,no wonder he got bad tempered ,he’s under so much stress, he was hoping for I/M to help him in his case,itmust have been a great blow,they worked so hard
      I cant believe the maori people turned against Hone at the last moment,there was a greater force working against him.
      NZ is in dire straights because overseas interests want it so.
      Maybe the writer of this article can check the progress of the petition if any.

      • Hi Elle,

        I’m not sure what petition you are talking about? I think you are correct. Hone’s was a lone but honest voice and David Cunliffe is very much part of the same “Dragon” as National. So is Russell Norman. I was not surprised when he called Mana/Internet the crazies!

      • I agree with where you are coming from in most respects. Dotcom committed no crime. He was just unlucky enough to have made a headstart on a type of market that Google wanted to get into be through Youtube. He is a victim of injustice. But why the hell should we elevate him, a very recent convert from right-wing politics, above people who have fought for decades to help others and who, not surprisingly, did not become very rich doing so?
        I have voted Mana in one election and I/M in another. But I have done so despite the cult-of-personality style adopted by Mana publicists in 2011 and the unfortunate, but possibly inevitable, foregrounding of Dotcom in this latest [s]election. I know that if they hadn’t put Dotcom in the frame the media would have accused him of behind-the-scenes manipulation, but he needed to be less hyped.
        As for Cunliffe – he plays for the other team. Just like John Kerry in 2004, he is in a great position to stop too many questions being asked. Key is like a bubble of lies that could be burst by any real political opponent in TV electoral debates, but Cunliffe avoided doing so at every opportunity. Hoskings asked him directly in the last debate: “Is the PM lying?” All he had to do was say “yes”. Key could never have defended himself because he had changed his story so many times on the issue. The media couldn’t have ignored such a direct challenge and would have had difficulty making Cunliffe out to be in the wrong.
        Meanwhile all this Dirty Politics stuff is rather conveniently overshadowed by a huge media beat-up about Labour’s meltdown and internal strife. The script for that seemed to already have been written on election night, and the subtext is very obvious. Every scumbag careerist in Labour has been sent a clear message: “keep away from left-wing politics”.

  8. A beautifil letter! Sooo pleased someone like you is here to bring what I’m convinced are the sentiments of many, into perfect words. I KNOW this election was just the begjnning. While it looks like Kiwis are pretty stupid – historically we aren’t. Time will do it. Thank you.

  9. Calling people stupid for not voting the same way you did is not the way forward. It is arrogant.

    Most people had good reason to vote for their choice. Similarly, the alternatives did not interest them. There were as many stupid people voting for your choice as there were voting for other parties.

    The key is to find what people want. By listening.

    • Nah, i’m afraid, you’re gravely wrong, if you voted National, you are definitely an ignorant, worthless piece of trash, and the country would be better off if you stayed home on election day. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so easily swayed by a pack of proven lying slime balls and their bought mouthpieces in the media. Disgusting.

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  11. Such a lovely letter Ev,
    What an experience we have had with Kim , it’s been amazing around this election, I in my naïveté thought….” Surely everyone can see now”, but none so blind than those that won’t see
    Poor frightened buggers, everyone yelling and telling them stuff they don’t want to know, awwwwww,
    I think with kiwis it’s gently gently catcha monkey 🙂

  12. Thank you for your words to Kim. May I add my signature to the bottom of it.
    As is often the case good comes from adversity. There are a lot of us native inhabitants ending this day with a renewed understanding of how this machine works. Every provocation causes a reaction that will lead to the revealing of the little old man sitting behind the curtain.

  13. Excellent reflection of the sentiments of many aware voters across several progressive parties.
    I fervently believe that history will show teamkey to have hijacked national in the same way rogernomics hijacked the Labour party in the eighties.
    Let’s hope that it will not take the 30 years that it has taken Labour to recognise the error of their ways.
    It will take longer if left for the nats to wake up themselves, they still don’t recognise the damage of the neo-liberal ideology is creating.
    It will be up to the rest of us to bring them to it.
    One advantage in being outside the protocols of the parliament – the needed ‘movement of truth’ will be free to organise and grow exponentially to get the critical mass needed to force an early election.
    First objective will be to stop the TPPA.

  14. Couldn’t have said it better myself Ev. Especially about where he needs to go from here. I know KDC has many detractors, but personally I believe he has forced a lot of honesty on the NZ political landscape that was sorely lacking. Keep up the great work.

  15. The warmth and incisive perception inherent in your letter to (y)our friend Kim brought tears of joy to an old man’s eyes, Evelien.
    Thank you for saying so much more than just enough to assure my amour propre that my vote for Kim hit dead centre.
    It was of course the exact-same brand of Cognitive Dissonance that caused Scotland blindly to fail to grasp freedom at her eleventh hour

    • So much my pleasure to be able to assure your amour propre! And yes I agree with regards to Scotland’s painful failure to take their lives back from the empire and go it alone.

  16. thank you Evelien for all your hard work and for this very truthful and heartfelt support for Kim .I hope he heeds your encouragement for he is sorely needed over the next 3yrs thanks…from a maori guy

  17. Well said Travellerev and we agree with you 1000+%
    Kim and Hone,
    As Dr Steve Maraboli says,
    Don’t worry about the haters
    They are just angry
    because the truth you speak
    contradicts the lie they live.
    Kia Kaha

  18. I walked past the beehive during the Moment of truth and the 9th floor was ablaze of bright white flourescence. The eye of Sauron was open and paying attention. Evelien and kim, you are on the mark.

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