It’s Official. I Live In The Stupidest Country In The world!

I just turned off the TV in utter disgust. New Zealand has just voted in National again. But not just voted them in with a huge loss because of their wanton corrupt and hideously dirty politics but they gave them an absolute majority.

It seems New Zealanders loved being lied to, robbed, screwed, bullied, spied on and stolen from. Even Judith Collins is going to get back in. Absolutely gobsmackingly awesome in its stupidity. Well, the Kiwis are going to get all of that and more and when the next three years are over they are going to be tenants in their own country. They are going to be poor, stupid and wondering what the fuck just happened. It’s official, I live in the stupidest country in the world. Better bend over and get fucked they way you seem to like it. The sooner that happens the sooner we can start rebuilding with whatever we got left. Good night New Zealand. Go gently into that night.

46 thoughts on “It’s Official. I Live In The Stupidest Country In The world!

  1. It is racist to say we are all stupid when so many were and still are against this. something is wrong with many of them yes. uneducated, ill informed. if more of the decent parties hit facebook with their policies it would have been different as that’s where most people get their info these days! Sad but true.

  2. It’s pretty much as expected & it’s not tht bad.

    It was pretty much handed to Key & Co on a silver plate, on many levels; you have to remember the ‘oppositions’ narrative is part and parcel of the same package – Key & co do not exist in a vacuum.

    Apart from the usual multi platform full spectrum corporate state media of this package with Key at the pinnacle, there was the extra impetus of this whole ‘left’ attack of innuendo & an overseas software program doing something or rather – in all liklihood understood & designed to further consolidate support from general pops for Key, which it very well did.

    Key is New Zealand’s first ‘raw milk’ type Prime Minister – probably relating to the time from Bradford publicly calling the ‘new’ Green party out on trying to cosy up a deal with National, which they then backed down from, never minding the degree of integrity deficit possessed elsewhere.

    Thirdly National had to rely on being the only party to prominently & absolutely campaign on not being in govt. with the Green party.

    Yet Peters, who briefly entered some strong social democratic traditional NZ politics into the fray, which he then also diluted in a number of ways, still ended up just short of the Green party number – something which recieves 100s of millions of dollars worth of promotion.

    Conservative party independent pov nearly broke 5%.

    Again 30% at least, of pop. not voting and they will majority be born or decades old NZ citizens.

    And ultimately, the majority of National votes in particular were simply undifferentiated votes for money in one sense or another, & money can be positive or negative.

  3. A country of many sheeple. I hate having to live in a Right-Wing-Death-Beast society with so many ignorant, self-serving, can’t connect two dots type people. NZ loves a two faced corrupt as fuck liar, fun to have at your BBQ I hear.

    • One of the great things about living in a free democratic society is that you’re free to leave. If you don’t like it jump on the next plane out … Judging you from your isolated, one eyed perspective that you’ve shown by your comments here, NZ would probably better off without you.

      • That is not how we roll here. A free democracy takes all people into account. Your favorite party does not. If the only path after an election is to take the first plane out you are not living in a democracy.

        • Wow! You really believe your own rhetoric! Show me a society where 100% of the people agree with everything at the exact same time and I’ll graciously defer to your point of view. If you’re that idealistic that you believe the only ‘correct’ view is your view then you must be really deluded. FACT – the majority of the eligible voting population that chose to vote, elected the National party. The fact that not every one agrees is with this choice is human nature! It’s healthy to have opposing views but just as you’re incensed that everybody else doesn’t think like you do, doesn’t mean you need to insist that everyone else should think like you! Can you not see the irony in your argument?

          • No actually 48% of 67% of the population who voted voted National. That is not the majority of the voting population. Another million opted out of the electoral process altogether. I have no problem accepting differences of opinion. It was you who advised one of my readers to fuck off if she didn’t like what was happening not me. It is precisely that mentality a lot of us thing is unbecoming a democracy but oh, so loved by the average Misogynistic male National voter. One of them is you it appears.

          • It was 77.04% voter turnout, which puts us up there with the rest of the world, who don’t have mandatory voting.

            On top of that, if you add the Center-Right votes, you get over 55% of the population supporting the current government.

            That is, unless you think people who vote for Colin Craig, ACT etc are wanting a left leaning government.

            This election was the biggest success in an election since 1972, before I was born – thats how resounding and democratic it was. I bet you weren’t complaining when Helen Clark was forming governments despite only having 41% of the vote supporting her (compared to National’s 48%)?

      • As tempting as it is to leave (a) I can’t afford to and (b) I believe I should stay and help those in poverty that this government is ignoring.

        • I also cannot afford to leave, apart from the fact that my family lives in NZ, and also apart from the fact that most if not all other countries have goverments which are just as bad, hiding the truth from the voters then claiming a mandate to do what they want. This govt is going to carry on as before, cutting back on public service, ignoring poverty, supporting the foreign banks, increasing the public debt.

    • After hearing of the” Pro Key” vitriol being “Barked” at “the flock” on Newstalk ZB,TVNZ., etc;preceding the election, Its no wonder how things turned out! Surely Broadcasting like that amounts to “a party political broadcast”? Just as the funny anti Key Video was Judged!

  4. you do realise Key will say he has a mandate ,exactly like he did with the partial asset sales .even thou more people voted in the non binding referendum than voted for National in this election ,Key will say you know I was in favour of signing TPPA and now I have a mandate.

  5. I couldn’t watch the vote 14 broadcast last night,
    so this is my first port of call this morning
    to find out Hone lost shocks and saddens me.
    We will be tenants in our own country under the rein of key/national and their propaganda machine,
    with their attack blogs going strong telling us
    ‘really if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear,’
    how 1984 of them.
    will 5 eyes tell you a baddy lives next door to you?
    or will it direct you on where to buy your over priced rotten chemical vomit inducing food from and love it.
    I am a moko of Muriwai Mataatua waka and I am so ashamed and saddened of the people of the long white cloud,
    with the dilution of our cultures we have become
    the land of the long white lie.

    • I am honored to be your first port of call and I grief to be the bearer of such bad news And I share your fear for our future. We must remain strong and determined to fight every step of the way. I hope I will remain that first port of call, with information you can share with your whanau and friends to help in that battle. Kia ora!

  6. Maybe, just Maybe the whole thing was corrupt and rigged just like the Scottish one ( I mean who the fuck votes NO to their freedom?!) Maybe we should ask for a recount, another election.

  7. We will get the major fucking if the TPPA is signed. People do not realize it is not a trade agreement but an irrevocable treaty. Might as well move to the USA as we will become a colony.

    • Not if we declare our opposition to it as a nation first.
      “We, the undersigned, declare that we do not recognise this NZ government’s right to negotiate the TPP agreement in secret and without our consultation.
      We give notice to all other parties to the agreement that we will not recognise, nor be bound by, the terms and conditions of such an agreement we do not approve.”

      We have had the moment of truth – now it is time for the birth of the ‘Movement of Truth’. Apolitical appeal, nonaligned to any party, individual/ personal commitment to uncovering the truth.
      Who is with me?

  8. I voted with my heart for a man with a BIG heart for ALL tamariki but alas he lost not only his seat but his party has gone as well.

    Maybe it was as a result of his partnership with “Poison” Kim Dotcom or as I have read, he was ambushed by other parties endorsing and supporting their preferred candidate from Labour, regardless 48 per cent of the peoples prefer the Land of the Long Black Cloud and all the evil that goes with it.

    Maoridom gave their votes back to Labour and now will make up a third of the Labour Party…I assume its because there was no other option for them or their candidates did one hell of a job especially the one who took the now retired Pita Sharples Tamaki Makaurau seat from the Maori Party’s new candidate.

    Wasted Maori votes…On a party who doesn’t deserve their votes and whom historically was shit on by the Labour Party’s former Thatcherite clone, leader, Helen Clark.

    I changed channels and watched when it became obvious that National was well and truly on the way to a landslide victory.

    I like a couple of National candidates and a Napier Conservative Party candidate but for me my votes were about children living in poverty and it seems these children will suffer even more.

    I am so sad.

    • I grief for Mana and Hone. For what it’s worth I voted for Mana/Internet and I don’t think it was about Kim Dotcom. I think it was about cognitive dissonance. About horses bolting back into their burning stables for fear of what Kim brought to NZ. Rest assured they too will suffer until they wake up and run out of their burning stables. I hope it won’t be to late. In the mean time we have to keep fighting and keep working towards unmasking the evil that is John Key and his banking mates.

  9. Shame on those 48 percent of people who voted for pure malevolence. They are literally mentally sick and virtually soul-less. There is no way I’m coming back to this earth to help them again, they’ll have to work it out on their own. It’s going to take them a very long time to weed out their contradictions. My puddy cat is more mentally developed than these people, at least the cat has a mind of its own and the will power to make itself to not be controlled by something else.

  10. Have you ever stopped to think that you are the stupid one – most of the country disagrees with your view.

      • don’t judge us all by the stupid sheeple who voted for Key or didn’t vote. most of us actually hated him I sure do. the smart ones leaving is not helping our country, it’s just leaving us more outnumbered by sheeple. And besides, most of those adverseley affected by this turnout cannot afford to or wish to move to another country. we wish for change. it’s a shame so many just decided all politicians are evil and didn’t choose anyone, allowing this mess to occur.

  11. I can’t believe the numbers!!!

    (You have to change your settings on your phone. It gives your name and email address out to my blog)

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