War Mongering Alert: ISIS Could Attack New Zealand Too!

Yesterday I predicted that the propaganda machine would start here in New Zealand between 1 and 14 days and boy was I right! I told one of my readers  this morning that an anti terrorist raid or other violent event would not occur because that could backlash against National and thought that might happen after the elections when John Key will try to form a government but today a scaremongering article was published.

This is the typical technique of leaders who want to go to war or scare the people into voting for the sitting party. People have a tendency to stay with the government in power if they feel threatened. Change in such a situation is dangerous.

So what is the strategy?

First you soften up the public with articles like this one here. Which blatantly states: Terrorism could happen here too!

Next you raise the fear levels by raising the threat alert level. From green (low) to yellow, from yellow to orange and from orange to red (high) . Like in Australia just before the raids and just after Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Australia would be sending troops

Next you target a group and conduct a raid to show the public you are in control, and that the spying has been a good thing because they caught some villains!

To complete the scaremongering you tell the public you really did prevent an attack and that they can now sleep safely in their beds again.

This happened numerous times in the US and the UK . In the UK there was a conviction rate of 13% with over 56% of the arrested not even being brought before a court. In the US most plots are aided and set up by the FBI according to this article in the Guardian

4 thoughts on “War Mongering Alert: ISIS Could Attack New Zealand Too!

  1. There are 3 ways New Zealand can go. A switzerland and hope, a USA – not on my watch, or thirdly a Turkey – this isn’t that important -but the Kurdish i mean Rainbow Warrior terrorists – we owe them, so back the terrorists, Bro.

  2. Shame on that man! [greg newbold]
    The Rainbow Warrior was act
    of State Terrorism that the CIA, MI5 and most likely the SIS were in on. I would have expected better from him.

  3. I thought it would only be a matter of time before the propaganda would come here. Once I had seen it in Aussie I thought “here we go”. I don’t class it as “brain washing” – I class it as “brain infecting”.

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