MH 17 Cockpit Penetrated By Large Number Of High Speed “Objects”. That’s Bullets In Plain English!

The first preliminary report about the downing of flight MH17 came out today. The report stated that a large number of High Speed “objects” had penetrated the cockpit of the plane causing it to break up midair.

10 minutes after it happened we were told that it had been a Russian BUK system that had fired a ground to air missile to the plane. In fact we have witnessed an unprecedented push for war with Russia with NATO exercising in Latvia, the Black sea area and Europe and Australia causing untold damage to the Russian economy with their economic sanctions.

The problem of course was that with the internet and the speedy dissemination of photos of the wreckage and the conflicting witness statements about at least one Ukrainian jet following flight MH17 at the moment of the crash it was always going to be a hard sell.

In fact the Russian Military released radar and satellite imagery information confirming that a Ukrainian SU-25 was following flight MH 17 at the time of the crash with a distance of 3-5 km and that their inboard machine guns could hit a target up to 12 km away.

USA today is trying to spin it as though Outside Objects are bits and pieces of a Ground to air missile and hence from a BUK rocket system but hundreds of the same size round holes concentrated around the cockpit windows. I don’t think so.  And neither did German Aviation Specialist Peter Haisenko.

The Dutch report emphatically states that no conclusion can be drawn for at least a year which reeks as if they already have drawn their conclusion but the Dutch government which signed a secrecy pact with non other that the Ukraine (and Belgium, and Australia) wants to suppress those  conclusions

The report of a Spanish air controller named Carlos tweeting that it had been a Kiev Military operation all along from his post at the Ukraine air control center was suppressed straight away and Carlos was picked up and has not been since.

In plain English High Speed Object’s Or Outside Objects, especially if they are all of the same diameter, perfectly round and of a diameter consistent with bullets, are called bullets BULLETS. (different researchers give different diameters but the consensus is that it is between 20 to 30 mm and they would have most certainly been containing DU to enable them to penetrate aircraft easily.

The problem with that of course is that to admit that the plain was downed by a jet ( at least three witnesses told of a Ukraine jet following the plane) would be to admit that it could not have been a Russian BUK ground-to-air missile. It would mean that all the NATO exercises had no bases other than the NATO alliance wanting to have a scrap with Russia. It would mean Putin was NOT responsible for the downing of flight MS17.

In fact the whole attack on flight MH 17 closely follows the scenario of Operation Northwoods. This was the scenario, recently declassified, to whip up more support for an invasion of Cuba by downing a plane of US citizens and made to look like Fidel Castro planned it.

So how are our governments going to react to this news?Are they going to demand an open transparent investigation? Or are they going to follow the madmen in London and Washington into the next World War which will doom us and the planet we live on?

I know what  I want. I want an open and transparent investigation into what happened and I want my country Holland to take the lead with an international team including Russian specialists . What I DON’T want is for my fellow country men and women who died on that flight to be used at the pretext for WWIII.


One thought on “MH 17 Cockpit Penetrated By Large Number Of High Speed “Objects”. That’s Bullets In Plain English!

  1. Hello there..sorry to disappoint but this is misleading information; the Sukhoi SU-25 (NATO name *Frogfoot*) is a close-support ground-attack aeroplane corresponding roughly to the American A-10 Thunderbolt and does not have the ability to reach altitudes such as those that airliners like the B-777 fly at. The service ceiling of the SU-25 is only about two thirds of that.

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