Cunliffe’s Policies: First Over The Line By Stealth!

The idea of MMP is of course that groups outside of the two big blocks get a chance to be represented too. It is meant to allow political changes in opinions and needs to change countries peacefully and through elected representatives.

At least that is more or less how it has worked over the last 365 years in Holland.

At this moment 1/3 of all people legally entitled to vote choose to vote with their feet. They don’t vote. They are disgusted with the system, the politicians and if anything, remarkably, even more so with Labor than with National. No matter how revolting these people act and manipulate public opinion and bully to get their ideas pushed through.

At this moment (and this is not an endorsement but merely an observation) Mana and Internet party are canvassing large areas and energizing a group of people whom every politician says he wants to reach and who has proven elusive to all but Mana and the internet party  so you would think Cunliffe would be very keen to reach out to them. Especially since the party, once, for workers and the disenchanted is bleeding support left, right and center.

Not so! Cunliffe this morning stated that there would be only space for three parties in his Cabinet. Let me guess, Labor, Greens and NZ first. You might as well write “Dead Man Walking” on Labour’s billboards. And that 1/3 of non-voting voters? That probably grew 10% or more with his last effort to put conditions on the will of us: the voters. In doing so he is stilltrying to minimize the effect of the MMP System and with his party rapidly sliding into the third biggest party that might not be such a good idea.

You don’t need anymore proof that Cunliffe is just the other head of the same dragon with his compulsive Kiwi safer and tax increases for the middle class small investors policies.

What we need is to take our Reserve bank back and start taking control of our own currency as the rest of the globe collapses under the crushing debt foisted upon us by the private banking cartel. What we need is to tax the 1% and get a more equal society instead of looting the middle class for the benefit of that 1%. If Cunliffe doesn’t want to go there perhaps I should say; let’s put our weight under Man/Internet just to see how big we can make it and how much of a spanner that would be in the works of the old boys network.



One thought on “Cunliffe’s Policies: First Over The Line By Stealth!

  1. This is not quite correct.

    The amount of people who did not vote in the last election was reported initially as very high 30s%, 37-39% or something of that magnitude. It was the Mis-information Bereau network and it’s small army of mouthpiece harlots that watered it down to the more ‘normal’ 33%.

    Given the historically open-flood gate immigration that has been introduced into NZ society, and that that fast growing section of the population will be voting; it is more like that 45% OF THE NEW ZEALAND POPULATION that identifies with it’s way of life & heritage, or remembers such like, choose not to vote.

    Also, this is during a time when big communications/media power has never had such reach and resources into defining a society’s way of life with a social fabric so torn to shred.

    I expect the numbers in this election, in reality, of older culture aware New Zealanders not voting in this election will be over 50%.

    So with all the money and political power, they are not fooling over 50% of the population who know the difference between a first world nation, & basic shared Christian value system to social make up, & that of trending 3rd world Caste system with over running inequalities & incestuous corruption.

    So Labour on 20 somethng percent, well half it for better informed NZer population. The Greens, zero to be proud of since Rod Donald out of the equation, & majority of that vote in his times was probably trad. NZer values & graces as that’s who he was essentially despite the quirks. Winston Peters just had to say ‘Boo’ at last election, & they broke the gates down!

    But is success in the current environment that purports itself to represent the public at large something to be proud of, or is it just more than ever, a bank account thing over the neighbour?

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