US And UK Sending Troops To Ukraine, Australia Plans More Sanctions Against Russia, Will New Zealand Follow In Their Madness?

NATO announced that Ukraine and the US/NATO war machine will be exercising together in the Black sea. NATO has been staging massive War exercises in Latvia. New Zealand hosted NATO exercises in removing a leader of an sovereign nation with violent means last year.

This is a war crime in international law. Australia announced more sanctions against Russia in retaliation to a crime the did not commit and the US and the UK announced they would be sending “advisers” to help the Kiev army with training to Kiev.

They also announced the creation of a “New” rapid response team of between 400010.000 troops in order to facilitate more mayhem. The rapid response team however is nothing new. They have already trained with the team in 2013 which begs the question how did they know they were going to need one?

Will we be dragged into the Ukraine quagmire seeing as we signed on to a new partnership treaty in June 2012 and will John Key use the Ukraine crises to manipulate the elections and set NZ on a path into WWIII just to please his masters?


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