Freedom Of Speech Curtailed In New Zealand: Vinny Eastwood’s Youtube Channel Shut Down

Vinny Eastwood an independent radio show host and journalist must have really got up someones nose. Yesterday he found his entire youtube channel shut down on the grounds that he apparently committed multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.

Vinny has been running this channel for at least 7 years  and have always been able to add any video, interview he ever did and Youtube has never seen any reason to shut him down. That was until he made a 6 minute video informing people of some of John Key’s less endearing qualities. The video went viral in about 4 days and all of a sudden Youtube shut him down. Now you may not like Vinny’s style or opinions but this reeks very much off a brutal shut down of dissent.

So in order to give you the opportunity to take note of what Vinny said in the video here is the text in print and… Ladies and Gentleman as always spread the word:

Ladies and gentlemen, John Key,
Leader of the National Party
Prime Minister Of New Zealand since 2008
Everyone Voted for him without knowing his track record,
Who he worked for, Where his career originated & how he does business today.
By the end of this Short Video you will know enough to be able to make an informed decision when voting him in or not again.
Little Johnny was born in a state house,
A Son of an alcoholic absentee father
& guilt provoking mother
who pins all her hopes on her son,
living vicariously through him,
especially because she never had another boy
and never remarried.
She then allegedly inherited a large sum
and allegedly spent much of it on her son.

John worked for 10 years
as a New Zealand investment banker
since the mid 1980’s
When the market crashed
he made a killing selling New Zealand dollars.
He headed offshore In 1995
working for…

-Merrill Lynch
This bank was exposed as the worlds first derivatives traders
& went bust during the 2008 financial crisis due to its heavy investment in the derivatives market,
swallowed up BY…

– The Bank of America
Which it turns out John Key still has shares in,
A conflict of interest considering anyone could google the Bank name and “fines”
to see it’s been fined many times for drug dealing,
gun running, money laundering & is famous for getting countries into debt,
Is John Key personally profiting from New Zealand’s growing indebtedness ?
The Bank of America also has a stake in the military industrial complex
who’ve profited tremendously after several successive, no end in sight, illegal US wars.
This gives you an idea of the kind of circles John revolves in.
John’s worked for Merrill Lynch in Singapore, London, Sydney & …

When the “Irish Tiger” economy was kicking off,
It was allowing “sweet heart” tax breaks
to big banks and financial institutions
if they moved their back offices to Ireland,
So John did, Assisting 15,000 of his clients to Avoid Tax
the Irish economy was hollowed out with debt,
collapsing shortly after John skipped the country & put all his money into…

-“Blind Trusts”
John Key knows what’s in his blind trusts,
he’s a bit of a drinker and he let it slip while a bit pissed
that he owns a vineyard,
turns out that vineyard is in his blind trust,
although he claims he doesn’t know what’s in it.
This is because he has 2 trusts,
1 blind & 1 not so blind that mirrors the other one.

He was in charge of business units like
global foreign exchange
and European bond and…

-Derivative Trading
What is Derivative Trading?
Basically it’s so complicated that the Auditor general once said something like
“it’s such a technical area that I can’t understand it,
so I got KPMG to investigate themselves for me and they assure me it’s all good”
Recall the great depression?
Of course not, in the 1920’s you could buy $10 worth of shares for only $1 down
allowing people to gamble on the stock market at incredible volumes,
massive amounts of fake money & debt was generated
and the economy got sucked into it like a black hole.
To prevent that happening again, a law was crafted called…

-The Glass Steagall Act
Which was repealed in 1999 leaving the US derivatives market completely unregulated.
The New York State gaming Commission tried to regulate it because they saw derivatives as gambling,
but they were unsuccessful, obviously.

In 1999 John was legally allowed to sell derivatives in America due to the repeal of Glass Steagall,
Was invited to represent Merrill Lynch & join the Foreign Exchange Committee
of the…

-Federal Reserve Bank of New York
A private banking cartel that has a monopoly on the supply of money
and loan it to the US government at interest & more or less control the US government through debt.
Ownership of the 13 banks with shares in the FED can be traced back to the worlds most ultra intergenerational wealth families, hidden away from public view via an elaborate network of family trusts.

John Worked there for 2 years and twice undertook management studies at Harvard University in Boston.
He became known as the smiling assassin by colleagues
after personally terminating over a hundred employees in one day
with a big beaming smile, no guilt, no remorse, no conscience, a…

-Corporate Psychopath
Charming & enchanting when you first meet them
But are ultimately shallow and have few meaningful lasting relationships,
They crave money and power and are willing to sabotage,
intimidate, manipulate, steal, defame, lie and cheat, shamelessly without guilt,
Desiring attention & idolization with pathological narcissism & despising criticism,
Often sexually promiscuous.
Private prosecutor Graham McCready is including a DVD of
The Wolf Of Wall Street in his evidence against John Key
Evidence of the lifestyle & mentality Key & co-workers likely enjoyed on wall street.

Normally on Wall Street your earnings get paid
40% Cash,
40% Stock
20% Options
Key demanded to be paid 100% in stock and options
That’s where his incentive to crime is!
Imagine the opportunities for insider trading when you literally run the country?
He tried to flush out commercially sensitive information from the ombudsman when trans-rail was being valued while at the same time owning shares in it!
John Key just can’t help himself.

When Key left Wall Street after 6 or 7 years in foreign exchange,
he was in the tip top of the elite, with roughly 50 million on salary and bonuses,
-Key refers to his 5 million dollar mansion as the house that Merrol built,
They had a beach house in Omaha and now have a 3.2 million Hawaii holiday home,
Only 202,000 people have incomes above 30 Million Dollars
Roughly 2,000 of those are billionaires,
-John Says
“We’re not ridiculously wealthy, there are lots of people not seen on the NBR rich list that have a lot of money.”
Not counting his blind trusts he could be worth hundreds of millions.
Is he wall street banker or New Zealand prime minister?

Jumping forward to the 2008 financial crisis:
Money Magazine said derivatives were one of the chief causes of the 2008 credit crunch,
A collapse that happened in the same year we elected John Key
To handle the debt crisis he helped cause
as he admitted on breakfast tv!
And what did he do once elected in order to save us from the debt crisis?
He borrowed more money than all previous prime ministers combined!
We’ve gone from 8 billion to over 80 billion so far,
With 112 Billion worth of derivative debts
In Off The Books Accounting Since 2011 and growing!
Key knew about his unauthorized biography long before it was released,
guess what? It doesn’t even mention the word derivatives once!

A man of the people you say?
He’s supposed to be the Member of Parliament for Helensville,
& lives across town in a 5 million dollar Parnell Mansion he calls “the house that Merrol built”,
Only had 1 public meeting in his electorate the whole election,
On the proviso that no one can talk about or criticize him, any other party,
Or their policy, Or their candidates,
And guess who was the only person that violated those conditions which John Key himself set up for everyone else? John Key!

So, let me see if I have this straight,
he’s a psychopathic narcissistic passive aggressive mamas boy with daddy issues,
And he has control of a country that has no corruption prevention framework?

He may have been sent here to destroy this country,
But it is not yet destroyed & we can change our future if we choose to.
Sink Team Key and it will deal a crippling blow to the financial elite’s agenda.
This is Vinny Eastwood, Vote Wisely New Zealand.

One thought on “Freedom Of Speech Curtailed In New Zealand: Vinny Eastwood’s Youtube Channel Shut Down

  1. Well how about we petition Youtube to restore Vinny’s account and not be manipulated by the New Zealand gestapo? Imma go find out how to do that right now. :^/

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