Secrecy Around The Cause Of The MH17 Crash And Putin Meeting Poroshenko. What Is Going On?

The Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine signed a secrecy pact around the investigation of the downing of the Malaysian Airliner MH 17. It is unclear if Malaysia has signed the pact as well.

With 194 Dutch victims the Dutch are the state who lost most of the victims and as a Dutch National I am at a loss as to why my country would sign a pact such as this. Surely the families of those people deserve to know how and why their loved ones died such a horrible death?

With reports coming out from several sources which prove that the airliner was not shot by ground to air missiles but by Jet bullets as shown in photo analysis such as here the secrecy becomes quite sinister.

While we were told, within 30 minutes after it happened, that President Putin had personally pushed the button of the rocket which downed the plane the pictures tell a different story and now it seems that the countries involved being not Russia but the Ukraine and the other countries which lost citizens in the attack want the whole thing to go away which begs the question WHY?

In another strange twist in the saga it appeared this morning that “President” Poroshenko, who got elected in the aftermath of the coup in Kiev which was financed and supported by the US and NATO, met with non other than the devil reincarnated Mr Putin himself and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton amongst others in the city of Minsk.

In the video’s the notoriously aggressive Russia hating Poroshenko looks somewhat subdued and Putin looked downright happy and I have a sneaking suspicion that Putin has the necessary proof of the Kiev Government’s involvement with the downing of flight MH17 and this is a meeting called to give Ukraine and the European Union plenty of reasons not to assist the US and NATO in increasing their aggression against Russia.

Poroshenko’s quick departure after the meeting and the assurance that Russia will do everything to facilitate the peace process can lead to only one conclusion: Poroshenko has been given an ultimatum to come to a cease fire with the Donetsk region and if not the MH17 details will start to leak. And while Putin says they can’t dictate cease fire conditions I’m sure he will have made some serious suggestions as to what has to happen to give the Russians living in the East of Ukraine some confidence that they will be safe.

9 thoughts on “Secrecy Around The Cause Of The MH17 Crash And Putin Meeting Poroshenko. What Is Going On?

  1. ‘Fogh of war’ Rasmussen – NATO sure have a starved psycho puppy there. But what would any decent Russian Patriot think of NATO peppering ‘anti-missile’ ‘defences’ directly on their border? The language NATO/US gurgitate signals ‘western’ intent. To deceive home populations.’ Us’. These are ‘offensive’ weapons. The intention against Russian Federation is obviously ‘offensive’ but we in the west are continually bombarded with expressions of ‘defense’. Of ‘reactive’ posturing (good guy USAM ) while sticking the knife in the other way by proxy. The R2P doctrine is excuse for false flag attack. 911 FFS. Libya. Syria ALMOST- explicitly the ‘rebel mercenaries’ now killing their way across Syria/Iraq letting off the gas in Ghouta. A known-known. NO examination of that in context of the accepted ‘narrative’. Of John McCain holding their hands in photo-op. NZ’ers need to understand WHAT it means that alNusra brigades of mercenaries orchestrated Ghouta. Not ASSAD. Backed by western press, Obviously otherwise they’d be screaming the subsequent findings reversing the narrative. Opening it up. Discussing. Dissecting. Doing their job. And MH17. The occam of that razor points directly to Ukrainian Army or Kolomoisky mercenaries with whatever ‘international’ (mafyia) connections come through the PRIVAT group – oil/gas fracking interests/Hunter BIDEN/Bursima holdings etc.
    But nothing in our press investigating the US State department/USAID/NED/Svoboda/pravy sector SS in the Maidan coup and this Junta now parroted as ‘Ukrainian Government’. No counter to the extreme anti-Russian propaganda set up thru TIME-ECONOMIST oligarchies or examination of the alternate findings pointing toward a ‘corporate’ western resource war agenda.

  2. its a dirty game this. A secrecy pact. Sure. Russian federation produced the data date stamped within three days showing the Kerry LIE. But to sign away the truth like this…. sucks.
    There are land battles ongoing across that area, none ever mentioned on our ‘news’. An entire street by street road by road conflict kinda not existing on the NZ national airwaves but on-going in Ukraine.

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