Links To Stolen Books

This morning I found a link to Nicky Hager’s book in a comment. I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not condone stealing the hard work of anybody.

I will not publish such links and I strongly suggest that the person who sent me the link takes the book offline. I have notified Nicky Hager of the link and I hope he will take action in order to protect the copyright of his book.

The suggestion this person made when I objected that I also gave a link to the whaleoil emails confirming Nicky Hager’s narrative and I therefor should not object to publishing an entire book is preposterous.

The emails are definitely the result of hacking but they are published in the public interest to show how disgusting the current government uses information to manipulate public opinion and bully their opponents.

The book written by Nicky Hager about this is a copyrighted work and the result of months of hard slog and Nicky deserves every cent he earns with it as I am convinced that working as an investigative journalist outside of the matey system of the MSM is a mugs game which won’t make you rich ever.

I will only post small parts of other peoples work with links to the originals and only if I know that the writers want their work shared in this fashion.


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