Enter The 8th Crusade: Bombing ISIS For Killing Christians

What get’s me is that non of these well equipped, vicious extremist Muslims who are not afraid to die and who are incredibly brutal and cruel never ever seem to even entertain an attack the most obvious of enemies. That of the illegal settlement of Israel. 

Instead they attack far away unknown peoples in oil rich states who are slaughtered in unimaginable way or so we are told.

To wit the Yazidi people living in the Sinjar mountain area close to the border of Syria which, while in the throes of a civil war financed by the West, now has to home these people.

It seems that ISIS has taken a hostile view to these people and God only knows why.  But of course the West ever gallant has taken it upon themselves to save these people by bombing the shit out of ISIS. Or so we are told.

The West it seems was more interested in stopping the Israhellies from genociding the 1.8million of people in Gazas so the MSM has now upped the ante.

ISIS is killing CHRISTIANS and the propaganda outlets that are our MSM are now calling for the wholesale massacre of even more brown people in far away countries. In fact there is even a good bit of throwing children of mountains by their own mothers to protect them from an even worse faith

Where are those Christians being killed? Oh right, Libya, Syria and Iraq. All countries which until they where bombed to shit had a perfect safety record for Christians, Shia, Sunni, Jews and other religious minority groups and were able to keep women, children, the sick and the elderly fed, clothed, healed and schooled for free during the time of their “brutal” oppression.

And like during the first 7 Crusades we, like the poor uneducated peasants of yore, call for war on the “Muslims” ,”Moors” or other brown people who get in the way of our oil, gas, lithium and other resources we might need to keep sustaining our war machine.

One thought on “Enter The 8th Crusade: Bombing ISIS For Killing Christians

  1. Absolutely support this. People need to wake up to the havoc the US is causing in the world. The MSM is not gathering news only reports from their government. Resources are at the bottom of all these wars. ISIS trained and supported by US. What the hell is happening?

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