And Then There Is The Hasbara Brigade!

Over the last couple of days the top read  blog post here has been about the death of Guy Boyland and the role of the IDF in the murder of thousands of Palestinians and it was of course just a matter of time for the usual manipulative Hasbara crap to land on my comment page.

Anonymous, manipulative, and inevitably in favor of Israel (even when admitting that yes hum, perhaps there is a smidgen of war criminality afoot here if that is at all possible) they write in pretending to be the voice of reason. Their angle of attack in this case being that I have the temerity to attack a poor dead IDF soldier personally and call him a scumbag which according to my Hasbara detractors he might not be. In fact one of them says this:

4. He was participating in a war crime, yes, but was he willing or was he oblivious to what is really happening there? For example, was he exposed to the despicable actions that Eran Efrati (in your video) was? If not then how can you expect him to make an ethical decision to oppose the Israeli military? You assume he has the knowledge to make these choices.

Sounds reasonable no? You are a well thinking young adult and hey, you’re being send to a densely populated area where millions of people have been subjected to deprivations of the terrible kind such as water shortages, food shortages and the threat of imminent death 24 hours a day especially targeted against the children living there BUT you have no way of imagining that this might actually be a war crime in and of it self unless you have seen something horrific yourself to make you come to that conclusion.  So that makes it OK to go in there and under protective fire of your fellow soldiers killing of scores of civilians and especially children and blow up tunnels through which those same people get their food and other necessities.

AND I am not supposed to call him a scumbag because of the above. And for doing so I have sacrificed my “journalistic” integrity too.

I am grateful for these anonymous trolls to point out some of my failures and here is my response to them:

Dear Hasbara trolls,

I thank you for pointing out that

A good journalist would correct these errors.

And as a final word, please be careful. Exposing yourself daily to the negativity of world events, conspiracy theories and politics will only make you a person full of hate, bitterness, regret and sorrow – and it spreads to the people who you feed this information to. Everyone focuses on the problems – if you want to make a difference try focusing on the positive actions that will create resolution to these problems, and that will create a positive world.

I was sadly mistaken that I would be justified, observing the despicable actions of the gang of thugs you so lovingly call the IDF, I would actually be justified in feeling rage, grief and compassion for its victims: the children and civilian population of GAZA. And let’s not forget the animals and other livestock killed in the barrage of murderous bombs, snipers and other killing techniques used to massacre and genocide the population Israeli and its terrorist army of thugs,  crammed in that small space when they stole their land.

I also failed in my duty as citizen of this planet by only addressing Guy Boyland as a scumbag. Is he a proven scumbag? In my humble personal opinion yes, he is . But he isn’t the only one. I call every Israeli watching from the hill tops as the IDF bombs children and other civilians hiding in UN schools to avoid being killed by the nightly raids of the war criminals of the IDF, SCUMBAGS. I also call the snipers bragging of killing Palestinian children SCUMBAGS. I call all those Israelis chanting their vile chants in the streets of Israel SCUMBAGS. I call a curse on each and everyone of the people in Israel who think it is OK to steal land from other people live on it and suppress dissent of those they robbed.

Israel is a SCUMBAG state which does not deserve to be recognized as a state. Its people need to wake up and smell the napalm their government uses on the innocents of Palestine in their name to protect the settler thieves of Palestinian land.

I support the Jews against Zionism, Neturei Karta and groups like a Jewish Voice for Peace. I support all of those brave Jews who speak out for sanity, peace and compassion against the fascist state of Israel and it’s brainwashed SCUMBAG soldiers.

What’s more I call every single world leader and that includes the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key who does not address these crimes or worse still, supports them a SCUMBAG.

There, I corrected my failings. Happy now?


One thought on “And Then There Is The Hasbara Brigade!

  1. Nobody over the age of 15 can plead ignorance to Israels crimes .I hope Guy Boyland didn’t get a chance to murder any Palestinians before he was killed as an enemy soldier.

    Israel has a history that started with innocent blood being shed and all that is different today is they now do it with an industrial efficiency !
    We are bearing witness to genocide of the Palestinian people and if let go unchecked ,it will be a Holocaust of the Palestinian people !

    “Never Again” is the Jewish motto regarding the WW2 holocaust ,our mistake was thinking that meant “Never Again” for all people !

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