Guy Boyland Wasn’t Fighting Hamas. Guy Boyland and The IDF where massacring unarmed civilians.

Much is made of the death of a Kiwi Israeli soldier. He died while on the murderous genocidal mission Netanjahu send the IDF on in Gaza. He is described as courageous, patriotic and wanting the most dangerous job while serving in the IDF.

In fact he was killed when he was setting explosives in one of the tunnels the Gaza Palestinians desperately need to survive while under the illegal and murderous siege implemented by the Israeli apartheid state.

Guy Boyland wasn’t a hero. He wasn’t defending his country. He was part of the genocide against the civilians living in Gaza. He was a murderer and a scumbag, part of a military war crime against an unarmed civilian population in a criminal act of revenge of an entire population for the deaths of three kids in an entirely different part of Palestine.

In fact someone described it as follows: People are finally beginning to realize Israel locked up children in a tiny overpopulated strip of land and they are blowing them to little pieces.

Here is a short documentary of the massacre of Shujayea:

And in case you have any doubt about that I dare you to watch this video. His victims have names. They were somebodies child, parent, sister, brother and grandparent. Shame on the NZ MSM presstitutes for their callous disregard for what is happening in Gaza.

And yes he had the choice:


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