I Hope The Russians Love Their Children Too.

This morning when trawling my usual sources of information I came across a curious bit of news nobody in the MSM cared to mention until the mayor of Hilversum which lost quite a few people in the attack on the MH 17 said that deporting the daughter of Putin might also be a good sanction in fact he said it would be the Ultimate sanction against the Russian President.

Excuse me?!? The daughter of the devil reincarnate du jour?!? Where the hell does she live?!?

Maria Putin’s flat building

It turns out that the daughter of president Putin, Maria Putin lives with her partner a Dutch man by the name of Jorrit Faassen who used to work for Gazprom amongst others in Voorschoten, a smallish city in the Netherlands. Here is a link to the Telegraaf news paper reporting on the fact that a demonstration is called for at her house with the photo you see here.

In the  English online rag of the Daily Mail I counted this morning no less than 8 anti-Putin and Russia articles on the front page alone. One of them described President Putin and his Government as

Putin and his Kremlin gangsters

in an attempt to shame the leaders of France, Germany and Italy into a more war like anti Russian stance.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but Gangsters generally are very protective of their offspring. Touching their young is almost guaranteed to get you killed. They also have a tendency to protect the people their offspring seem to like. If Maria Putin lives with a Dutch man and lives in the Netherlands it is almost guaranteed that the last country Putin “the Gangster” would want to harm is the little peaceful country with the quint mills and tulips his daughter seems to have taken too.

Now it is not to say that Putin or the Kremlin are the gangsters they are made out to be because as the West is struggling to find any evidence that either the rebels or the Kremlin had anything to do with the downing of the MH 17, more and more evidence is emerging which points to the Kiev government and that means the Western alliance.

If Putin is not the gangster of this story and he is just a prominent duly elected head of a powerful state it would be even more ridiculous to suggest he would give Ukrainian rebels the guided missile system needed to down a civilian airliner flying at 33.000 feet meaning they would also need a radar system to detect it as it would be nigh on invisible to the naked eye.

I thought that with this curious detail to the story I would insert Stings excellent song called Russians. I am sure the Russians love their children too you see.

And let’s not forget that the US really did shoot down a civilian airliner. 



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