The Only Dutch Politician Baying For Blood Is Bilderberger As The MSM Goes In Propaganda Overdrive!

Scouring the Dutch News papers for new information and to try to make some sense about the shot down Malaysian Airliner I found a few telling events that are taking place in the aftermath.

After the innitial calls for a real and independent investigation, a call now adopted by the NZ Government althought they call for a credible (I.E. read whatever we can stuff down the sheeples throat) investigation, the MSM even in Holland is now in full propaganda mode. The blame put squarily at the devil du jour Putin and much is made off the masked gun carrying anti Kiev rebels and how they behave.

Unverified videos of a Buk System guided missile launcher driven around unverified roads is touted as proof of Russia’s involvement and distraught fathers blaming Putin for the death of their sons as well as dead babies are put forward to make an already emotional situation even more volatile.

What I find even more disturbing is that the only Dutch politician baying for blood is the one Dutch politician who visited the Bilderberg meeting this year. The Dutch labour leader Diederik Samsom warns for huge repercussions for those responsible for the attack while uttering in the same breath that it looks like Ukrainian rebels have done the deed.

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