Arabs Don’t Hate Jews And Jews Don’t Hate Arabs Or Why You Should Go To Auckland To Demonstrate Against The Genocide In Gaza!

Update: Here is Max Igan’s call to end the violence and for all of us to get engaged in the fight against the Israeli war crimes committed in Gaza:

Today at 2 o’clock pm there is a demonstration against the invasion and genocide of the people of Gaza.

While I won’t be able to make it, living too far away to get there today, I call upon the people of Auckland and environs to make your voice heard today at Aotea square.

And here is why: 

The Mainstream Media Presstitutes will have you believe that Arabs hate Jews. They will have you believe that they have always hated Jews and that their hatred is vile, irrational and needs to be exterminated. They will have you believe that Jews are the victims and they are justified to kill children, women and men who have never done them any harm in order to defend themselves.

They also teach us that if you dare to challenge their paradigm you are an anti-Semite, Jew hater and racist. These are powerful tools of manipulation and they have used them for more than a hundred years (In the case of the will to establish the state of Israel) in order to subjugate the world to an agenda from people we are not supposed to know about or to mention. The men behind the curtain, the PTB, or as Voltaire said:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

The truth is different: Arabs Don’t Hate Jews And Jews Don’t Hate Arabs But Both Hate The Zionist Invaders Robbing The Palestinians Of Their Land And Homes.

So in order to free the People of Palestine, to give the Arab peoples back their dignity and their countries and start healing our world BUT also to free the Jewish people from being used in this horrific power grab and allow them to reach their spiritual home of Israel as prophesied in their holy books we need to start speaking the truth. We need to understand that what the Presstitutes are telling us is the whisper of the devil, the Wetiko invading our spirit, our soul and our senses and that what they tell us is the lie that keeps us imprisoned in their evil destructive system.


Here are a few talking points you might want to print out and take with you this afternoon?

  • It wasn’t Muslims who hated Jews but the Europeans. The people of the European continent converted to Christianity hated the Jews for being the murderers of Jesus Christ and it entitled them to kill and torture and discriminate Jews at their whim for centuries.
  • Muslims have always seen Jews as they did Christians as a people of the book and of God.
  • To Muslims the bible is of great importance and so is Jesus as one of their Prophets and as such they bear no ill will towards Christians (Most notable times of exceptions to that rule where the Crusades and the recent times of the latest Crusades now taking place)
  • Jews have always lived in peace with their Muslim neighbors in Muslim and Persian countries. They had their synagogues and political representation and where safe until the Zionists started their reign of terror in 1946 in Palestine to drive out the Palestinian people and claim the land for themselves.
  • Practicing Jews lived in Jerusalem with their Palestinian country men in peace for 2000 years with an exception of 300 years when Christians kicked all the Jews living there at the time out  according to this Zionist site justifying the conquest of Jerusalem by the Zionists.
  • Practicing Jews like their Palestinian Country men were evicted and terrorized by the Zionists when they invaded Palestine by terror and stealth.
  • Hundreds of thousands of practicing Jews are against the state of Israel and say it is an abomination against the will of God and it has nothing to do with their religion.

    tens of thousands of Jews demonstrating against the attack on Gaza

    tens of thousands of Jews demonstrating against the attack on Gaza

  • Judaism is a religion not a race.
  • A Semite is a human being speaking a Semitic Language such as Palestinian, Syrian,Turkish, Libyan, Moroccan, Tunisian and Hebrew. So if you respect all of those people you are not an anti-Semite.
  • In fact most people living in Israel are not Semites at all. They are from Europe the US and Russia and while they may have adopted Hebrew or Ifriet their first languages are American, Russian, German, French, Dutch to name a few.
  • To religious Jews the country of Israel (as opposed to the Zionist state of Israel) is a spiritual home. It is what God promised the Jewish people if they obeyed his laws.
  • To religious Jews the state of Israel is an abomination and another way in which God is being disobeyed, keeping them from reaching atonement and the spiritual country of Israel. In other words it keeps them from being able to go home and in a state of limbo.

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