Malaysian Airline Plane Shot Down. False Flag To Start WWIII?

With the news that a Malaysian airline plane has  been shot and the inevitable quick allocation of blame on the separatist militants including the type of anti aircraft weapon (the Buk anti-aircraft system) that must have been used we have come perilously close to an all out war between Russia and NATO/US forces.

However a Dutch news paper wrote that fighter jets where seen flying along the plane just before it exploded and while there may be old Soviet style anti aircraft weapons in the East of Ukraine, the separatist army does not have its own planes.


2 thoughts on “Malaysian Airline Plane Shot Down. False Flag To Start WWIII?

  1. Snap crackle and POP. Ever since Malaysian Boeing 777 ‘disappeared’ without TRACE under the noses of surveillance superpowers protecting the Malacca Straights from each other, destination straight WEST if that last trajectory copilot phone connect point over Penang is correct; anyone studying the past 13 years since the 911 neoconazioNIST conspiracy has been awaiting presence of a Boeing 777 doing something really fkn dramatic. somewhere. Here we are. Bingo. Over UKRAINE. Of course it would be. The old enemy. Yats and Victoria the sinister corrupt warmonger McCain on air blathering WAR….. a Malaysian Boeing 777 !
    What a wucking coincidence.
    They didn’t even have to change the paint job!

    While under cover of this prepared darkness spreading across the world in the 100th year of WWI., King BIBI launches his dogs of war on the poor starved brutalized children of Gaza.

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