Raising Interest Outside Of Political Reality? Not In New Zealand Or Are We Being Fleeced?

While our Wall street banker money trader Prime Minister holidays in Hawaii our Reserve Bank just announced another raise in the interest rate. Up to 3.5 %.

We are the only country of the Anglo Saxon empire which is raising interest rates. In fact Mark Carney who left Canada’s finances in shambles and why is not the first “foreign” bank of England Governor said that raising the interest rates in outside of the political and economic reality. This true. The entire financial system will collapse if the money masters and überrich would all of a sudden have to pay normal interest rates over their derivatives and loans instead of the the practically nill interest they pay now.

Which begs the question. If no country in the world raises their interest for fear of collapsing the financial system, why is New Zealand raising our interest rates. Could it be that our Money trading Prime Minister is helping his mates to make a nice bit of dosh on the side while Kiwi’s have to pay through the nose for the money they want to borrow to simply buy a house? And all this while there will be a huge pressure on our economy with the Dairy prices tanking by almost 9%.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Japan, Ireland, Iceland…

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