30 % Of Detroit’s Population Will Loose Access To Clean Water But Water Meters Save Money?

Tell people they will save money and they will allow you to install meters to measure what they use. The first step to privatization taken painlessly. I’m sure the people of Detroit thought the same when the meters where put in. That was before the banks rorted them. Now 30% of the population faces their water being cut off because the city has to extract more and more money to pay the bankers for the frauds they perpetrated.

For a city like Auckland that would mean about 300,000 people!

Tanks paid for by people themselves with pumps they keep running and pay for should not pay for what comes falling out of the sky for nothing in the first place!

It’s a wonder more tank water users haven’t opted for meters when those who have are saving almost half the normal annual cost.

People with rain tank meters for volumetric wastewater charging have been paying much less than the $582 annual fixed charge for an unmetered tank, which increased to $596 a year on Tuesday.

Annual charges for those on meters range from $190 to $553, with the average annual charge $296.

It’s a situation Watercare Services seems to be scratching its collective head about too as it has only 302 customers out of a potential 8000 who chose to install tank meters during the past year.

The deal has just become sweeter.

After Bill Boyle of Stanmore Bay complained to the Commerce Commission about Watercare selecting only three companies to install the meters, the water supply and wastewater services company has now agreed to allow any suitably qualified plumber to install their approved water meter.

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