For A Bit Of Good News. Well, Maybe Not For The Bankers.

The good news is that psychopathic systems have a tendency to eat themselves in the end. On sign this is happening is a dark secretive insurance scam the bankers are pulling. It is simple: You insure your employees with a life insurance and when they die you collect.

This is not done for their families or loved ones. This is solely for the profit of the bank these bankers work for. Over the last 6 months it is rumored that between 8 to 15 high profile bankers have have died in what have been described as suicides.

I linked earlier to an article that reported that the banks refused information as to whether these people these people had banker life insurances attached to them and they sited trade secrets as a reason not to have to give that information.

Today it is one of the “watchdogs” refusing the FOIA requests for this information.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that making a career in a bank can to some people be very detrimental.

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