Are You Ready? € 15 Trillion QE From The ECB Coming Your Way!

My husband was looking very pensive yesterday evening. We had just come home after a late doctors visits and had gotten a quick snack as we had no time to cook an evening meal. We had gone into the shop, a combined snack bar and Chinese food outlet and we looked eagerly to the Chinese food side of the menu. After seeing the prices we decided to just get a hamburger.

After we sat down to await our order a father and his son came in and they, like us, looked ot the Chinese side of the menu. The father said can I have a half portion of BBQ porc with sweet and sour but while the answer was yes the price still wasn’t affordable and they left without any food.

The third customer was a young man and he went through the same sequence and left with an order of fish and chips. Now Chinese is not the most expensive take away and this shop was no exception.

When we where home and I asked him what he was thinking about he said when I was young I had a job and me and my mates could afford takeaways anytime we bloody well wanted one and I have a good job even now so what happened? Why can’t I afford a Chinese take away with my wife and why does it seem that nobody can these days?

Of course my husband and I know the answer as I write this blog about exactly that but realizing how close the global financial collapse is coming to our own wallet is just one of the ways we live in this life I write about on this blog.

So for those of you who don’t understand what the hell is happening here is the next doozy. If you print “money” out of thin air at home you go to jail. Why? Primarily because you dilute the money supply and that brings the value of the money down. This can cause economic crisis and that is wrong. Apparently it is perfectly fine when the privately owned money cartel does it and the next turn for some happy money printing will be for the ECB.

€ 15 Trillion of Quantitative Easing to kick the can down the street to be printed by the ECB (European Central bank)!

And just in case you think that this has not economic consequences you might want to listen to the first half of this Max and Stacey about the Global bond collapse that happened as predicted in April/May of this year:

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