On Unfilled Census Forms And Government Emergency Relocation

This morning the corporate mouthpiece, the NZ Herald, reported on the fact that five people had been hauled to court for not filling in their census forms. The fact that they where all situated in the North Island (read Te Tau Tokerau, Cannabis capital of New Zealand and that hot bed of Maori rebellion ruled by that racist Hone Harawira who is getting to big for his boots what with the fact that he “sold out” to Kim Dotcom) and that all people given just simple fines but where apparently worthy of a mention by their Maori names in the main stream media tells me that they are positioning us for interracial mayhem when the time comes and it will all turn to shit.

I know for a fact that most people where I lived either said screw you to the census people or gave them the absolute legal minimum of information and none of them has been hauled in front of any judge. So what’s up with that?

Well, maybe they know that as anger at the illegal spying and the apparent need for way too much information rises and the control they can assert will be harder and harder  to achieve they are going to have a problem and like everywhere else the ruling elite is being roped in to serve not the interests of their local populations but those of the corporations hell bend on looting the globe one last time. So I’m not surprised that the Beehive inhabitants want to have a plan B!

4 thoughts on “On Unfilled Census Forms And Government Emergency Relocation

  1. I know someone else that did not complete census forms. They have been “randomly” selected by computer (the household) to now be interviewed for 45 minutes by a persistent guy from Statistics NZ to complete a NZ General Social Survey (your details will be kept confidential) on your health, relationships, money, housing and generally wanting to know “your happy with your life”. The letter accompanying the info. pamphlet said “Do I have to provide information? answer : -Yes. Under the Statistics Act 1975 you are legally required to take part in this survey.” The household does not want to participate but this Stats. dept guy is pretty much harassing the mother of the family – I think this is an invasion of one’s privacy what do you think ??

    • According to the law you are entitled to the right to silence. If this guy tries to make an appointment I suggest she treats it as hostile.

      This is what you say in case the police wants information:

      “Officer, if I am under arrest or being detained, please tell me so.
      If I am free to go, please tell me so. If I am not free to go, please tell me why.
      I wish to exercise all my legal rights including my right to silence and my right to speak to a lawyer before I say anything to you.
      I do not consent to be searched. I wish to be released without delay.
      Please do not ask me questions, because I will not willingly talk to you until I speak to a lawyer.
      Thank you for respecting my rights.

      If he/she is not police she should tell them to get lost (In a polite way of course because under any circumstances she has the right to silence and she will use it)

      I also advice to video all communications with these people and to make sure that she sends video’s to people like Vinnie and other video activists. They are scared for the light of day.

      But this is bullying and harassment and they may feel backed by a that act but if that act breaches her basic human rights they may just as well use it as toilet paper


  2. Gee that’s a big crime isn’t it? Failing to fill in those nosing big brother papers. Was tempted to do the same actually … however I dutifully filled them in again. Having just finished reading ‘Daylight Robbery’ by Ian Wishart , this makes my blood boil. The real crims are running the country (particularly the banks in this instance) ripping off innocents for their life savings …. they are the ones should be brought to justice. Instead of course they pick on this kind of stuff to take the heat off themselves, running the media & all as they do they can get away with it. And you’re probably right about the divisive intent Ev. Hone’s got their number.

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