The Narcissists Power Structure: The Wicked Witch And Her Flying Monkeys. So Where Does John Key Fit In?

John Key returned from his trip to the US only to have to come clean to the fact that there is absolutely no proof of the allegations lobbed at Labour and its leadership with regards to donations allegedly made by disgraced National donator Liu.

I describe the function of the Smear Campaign in my previous post but I thought it would be interesting to point out to you how the power structure in our thoroughly malignant narcissist dominated world works.

First step: Narcissist uses Flying monkeys (so named after the Wicked witch of the west little army of Flying monkeys), people who are just venal and narrow minded enough to enjoy doing the bidding of the Narcissist to start rumors about his enemies.

Second step: a more powerful Narcissist uses previously mentioned malignant Narcissist as his flying monkey.

Third step: repeat the previous step until top of Narcissistic pyramid is reached.

(Very important when observing this mechanism is the fact that the amount of damage caused which each layer of Narcissism is the exponential level of damage. For example, John Key is only after damaging the opposition but Obama is after the destruction of Syria, Russia and Iran to name a few.)

The situation? John Key visiting his Narcissistic superior used his flying monkeys i.e the Main stream presstitudes to damage his political opponents but he has just been send home to do his flying monkey duty which I can assure will be even more damaging in the long run. Such as the Smearing of whole nations of brown people far away we need to drone, or bomb or otherwise annihilate for being the Narcissists enemy du jour!

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