We’re Not Spoiling For A Fight? We Don’t Have A Choice!

Update: And so the spin begins:

Key has ruled out being part of a “military intervention”. But he has left open the possibility of New Zealand joining a “training intervention” which the US is expected to table in Washington.

John Key while in New York paying tribute to the official Conspiracy Theory about what happened on 9/11 which spawned the eternal war against “Terror” we are finding ourselves in, told a gaggle of mainstream presstitudes that “we are not a Nation looking for a fight”.

Indicating that while we may not another one might. This is an important distinction because we all know what happens when your best friends are the ones spoiling for a fight. You don’t? OK here is how it goes:

There is this group of boys. One is  big boy who always get’s in fights because he wants something or other from the other guy and he has a couple of friends who always help him because the like sharing in the spoils. They present themselves as the good boys. The boys who are helping others who in turn give them everything they have as a thank you.

Around them there are a lot of boys who also want to be part of this successful club because they would also like to share in some of the loot and if you are subservient enough and are willing to do some of the dirty work you may get in.

They even have a club for that. All you have to do is cut yourself and share some of your blood with the others. They are what you might call “Blood brothers”. A bit like the “one for all all for one” battle cry of the three musketeers.

So when the big boy and his friends get going the little boys hanging on, having given their blood get up and get going too. After all you just got in and you don’t want to get thrown out at the first sight of a skirmish now do you?

Here is our little boy screaming to be let in the club of big boys once more:

And this is why we don’t have a choice! It may be spun like aid or back office support but we will supply cannon fodder to the bankster wars.

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